Art of War

A brewmaster monk blog.


What is this place?

Sunnier’s Art of War is about raid tanking strategies, brewmaster monks, and World of Warcraft. I might sprinkle some other general MMO topics in there as well.

The name of this blog (formerly A Sunnier Bear) is derived from the famous historical work of martial expertise: Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Instead of explaining the subtle tactics to win a war, I will discuss how to beat digital dragons into oblivion. My goal is to provide the community with timely monk and tanking guides for WoW encounters so that they will never have to wonder where to stand again.

Who are you?

I play Sunnier the brewmaster monk with Bear Retirement Home (Sargeras). I’ve played with many guilds, but made a name for myself as a bear tank of the same name for Rocket Surgery, a top 10 US guild. My primary focus in WoW is mythic raiding.

When I’m not playing video games, I work as a web developer, play with my dog and two cats, and tinker with this blog.

How can I contact you?

If you wish to ask me a question, the best way to do so is to send me an email. You can try to contact me ingame, but I’m not online all the time. Twitter is an excellent way to get a quick response. I am not interested in advertising on my site and will promptly delete any emails I receive to that effect.

Email: (please include the word “Brewmaster” in the subject, or your message might get filtered).
Twitter: SunnierBrew
WoW Armory: Sunnier