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Heroic Ragnaros 10 Tanking Guide

This guide is designed for tanks who already have a basic understanding of the mechanics for the Heroic Ragnaros encounter. I’ll delve into our strategy when it’s applicable, though that is not the sole purpose of this guide. This was written by a feral tank with experience in the 10 man version.

Narrated Video Guide

Before the Pull

Phase 1

This phase is very boring for tanks, but prepare to do it over and over again.

  • Taunt at 3 stacks of Burning Wound or as soon your debuff falls off. You can dodge and parry the application, so sometimes you or your co-tank will get 3 stacks quicker than usual. It’s okay to get 4 stacks. Ragnaros will apply this debuff during the entire fight.
    • Sometimes you will have aggro but your co-tank will get another application. There’s not a lot you can do about this and I’m not really sure how it happens (I think it has to do with threat a few seconds prior to the application), but usually it’s not so bad. Slow down on threat a little if you pass the current tank.
    • Here’s the simple Power Aura I used to keep track of my Burning Wound stacks and duration.
      Version:4.22; icon:spell_burningsoul; buffname:Burning Wound; x:-688; bufftype:2; owntex:true; size:0.38; y:41; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:-2; timer.x:-703; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.y:90; stacks.x:-682
  • Depending on your class, you may need a minor cooldown for Magma Trap Eruption. Keep in mind that your healers will be busy healing the raid up after each Magma Trap is triggered, and you will need to be a little more self-sufficient during that time.
  • For druids: it’s almost never worth it to go cat form. With vengeance, you do more burst damage in bear form than you do in cat. You also take much more damage from the DoT. Generally, it’s only worth going into cat form if you have one or no stacks of the DoT up and you can remain in cat form long enough to use Rip.

Intermission 1

Eight Sons of Flame spawn in random configurations. The best way to deal with the randomness here is to assign each non-healer (in the case of 10 man) with their own add by numbering from left to right.

  • Damage dealers are usually able to get their adds down to 50%, then they are free to burn down adds that are dangerously close to the hammer.
  • Tanks are equipped with stuns or death grip, and can usually slow their adds down on their own. We also have pretty high vengeance at this point, and with strong burst a tank won’t need any help at all. If you can, save your stuns/death grips for loose adds.
  • Good communication is the key to the intermission phases. Let your raid know if an add slips away from you or you need a stun. Be prepared to switch targets if you see an add with high health close to the hammer.
  • For druids, start dpsing your add in bear form while you have high vengeance. Mangle, Maul, Thrash if you have time. Bash if you need to, then drop to cat form and finish it off.

Phase 2

This is the molten seed phase. Most strategies require perfect movement and synced raid timers. We used DBM Alpha. In our strategy, the entire raid stacked up on top of each other and moved immediately after Molten Seeds were cast.

Our Phase 2 Positioning – After Molten Seeds

Molten Seeds

  • Save major cooldowns for times that you are running away from Molten Seeds and tanking the boss. Healers also have to move quickly, so they cannot cast anything on you. They will also need to keep the raid topped off for the upcoming Molten Inferno.
  • Use minor cooldowns for Molten Inferno, and try to stand as far away from molten seeds as reasonable to minimize explosion damage.
  • Help everyone else near you to burn down their adds.
  • Molten Seed happens once a minute. Molten Inferno happens exactly 10 seconds after Molten Seed. Keep this in mind while timing your cooldowns.
  • Stampeding Roar is great for helping your raid run out of seeds quickly. I used mine during the third wave.

World in Flames

  • Do not panic during World in Flames. Four Engulfing Flames in quick succession looks impossible, but keep your head and it becomes easy.
  • Try to stand in the area between the spawn closest to Ragnaros and the middle spawn. When you see a new one appearing in either of those areas, take a few steps forward or back.
  • Only one Engulfing at a time is truly dangerous. When a new one is spawning, the old ones might still appear to be on fire but they are safe to enter nonetheless.
  • Near the sides of Ragnaros, the Engulfings will overlap. If you’re standing in this area, you’ll have to move more than a few steps to survive.
  • Ragnaros will not melee the tank or apply Burning Wound while he is casting World in Flames.

Intermission 2

Same as Intermission 1 except each tank needs to pick up a Lava Scion.

  • Scions spawn 3 or 4 seconds before the Sons, so pick up your Scion and quickly head over to your assigned Son.
  • If your Scion and your Son are far apart, tell your raid that you might need some help.
  • Tank the Scions in the middle and try to kill both of them before Ragnaros emerges.
  • Cleaves are really great for this part. I glyphed Maul for this. If your raid is having trouble killing them before Ragnaros emerges, Berserk will kill them extremely quickly.

Phase 3

This is the burn phase. DPS doesn’t matter much during phases 1 or 2, but here is where you need to push the pedal to the metal. If you come out of this phase with only one meteor, you’re in a good position to finish.

Our phase 3 positioning after first meteor spawns.
  • Pop your dps cooldowns and potions here, if they’re available.
  • Tanks should be responsible for bouncing meteors away from their side (warriors are out of luck here). You must used a ranged attack that deals damage to bounce them. For druids, this means Faerie Fire if you have aggro. I used moonfire if I wasn’t tanking and if Faerie Fire was on cooldown.
  • World of Flames still happens in this phase, and you’re likely forced onto the edges to maximize meteor traveling distance. This means that you have to move farther for new engulfings.

Phase 4

Finally, the phase you’ve never seen before. There are a ton of abilities flying around and it can be confusing at first. Don’t worry, it’s not actually as complicated as it looks. As a tank, the two things you need to worry about are Superheated and Empower Sulfuras. Let someone else worry about Dreadflame.


Superheated is a stacking debuff that is applied to everyone in the raid. To dispell this debuff, you need to stand in Breadth of Frost.

This is a Breadth of Frost. Each person with a raid marker designates a corner of the triangle.
  • In 10 man, you can’t have more than 3 people on top of each other (10 people in 25 man), so you have to form a triangle and assign 3 people to each point (the final person deals with dreadflame).
  • As a tank, you form the head of the triangle and everyone else forms around you.
  • Get close to the Breadth of Frost, but before you enter it you should take tiny steps. Stop once your debuff clears. You don’t want to stand closer to the center of the circle than you have to.
  • Breadth of Frost spawns in a random place. Keep an eye out for it and pull the boss toward it quickly.
  • Here is a power aura to track Superheated stacks.
  • Version:4.22; icon:achievement_firelands raid_ragnaros; buffname:Superheated; x:-568; bufftype:2; owntex:true; size:0.38; y:44; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:-2; timer.x:-567; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.y:90; stacks.x:-554

Empower Sulfuras

This ability will wipe the raid if a tank gets hit by it. To counter this, you must either pull Ragnaros into Entrapping Roots or kite him around the area with taunts. The former is preferable, but sometimes an Entrapping Roots will spawn directly under Ragnaros and it will disappear before he casts Empower Sulfuras.

This is Entrapping Roots.
  • Whichever tank is not currently tanking must run to the opposite side of an Entangling Roots and taunt while he casts Empower Sulfuras
  • If you must kite him, whichever tank is not currently tanking should run to maximum taunting range and taunt during the cast. The other tank should taunt Ragnaros back before he hits the first tank.


As a tank, all you need to worry about is staying out of this. Someone with fast run speed or sprints should right click on a Cloudburst and run over any Dreadflame. Eventually Dreadflame will spawn faster than the runner can extinguish it, creating a soft enrage.


Keep calm, communicate, and with lots of practice you will have your very own Heroic Ragnaros kill. Good luck!

If anyone is curious, here is a link to our first kill logs. (World of Logs didn’t count it as a kill because we all died at the end, but I can assure it that it was.)