Betamining: Brewmaster

The first beta build! We’re still missing quite a bit of information, but I’m cataloging it all the same. All data and pictures are from Wowhead

Artifact Skins

Note that each model seems to be available in a color scheme that matches one of the four August Celestials: orange for Niuzao the ox, red for Chi-Ji the crane, green for Yu’lon the serpent, and blue for Xuen the tiger.







Numbers are more than useless right now, so focus on the overall effects and nothing more. Also, the devs have stressed many times that what we’re seeing is incomplete. Some spells might be gone that aren’t listed as such, some old ones might return, some new ones might be revealed. This is just what we know right now in this infinitesimally insignificant point in time.

New and Returning Skills

Removed Skills


Baseline Talents

Link to Wowhead Talent Builder

Tier 1 – Level 15 – Healing

Tier 2 – Level 30 – Movement

Tier 3 – Level 45 – Brew Resources

Tier 4 – Level 60 – AoE Control

Tier 5 – Level 75 – Defense

Tier 6 – Level 90 – AoE DPS

Tier 7 – Level 100 – Passive Defense

PvP Talents

Link to Wowhead PvP Talent Calculator



Many of these legendary bonuses don’t make much sense. Some are classified as leather even though they benefit non-leather-wearers, some are classified as consumable. Take with an extra large grain of salt. Beyond lies funkiness.

Immediately relevant to brewmaster monks:

  • Grovewalkers: leather boots, “Equip: While you remain stationary, deep roots seep into the ground every 3 sec. granting you 50000 healing every 3 sec. stacking up to 10 times.”
  • Bramble Helm of Shala’drassil: leather helm, “Equip: An additional 0% of healing recieved from other allies is applied over 8 seconds.”
  • Verjas, Protectors of the Berserker Kings: leather bracers, “Equip: The duration of Stagger is increased by 40%.”
  • Thornbraces: consumable? bracers, “Equip: When you Dodge, Parry, or Block an incoming attack your next autoattack deals 150% increased damage.”
  • The Haugbuir: leather boots, “Equip: Upon taking fatal damage, you are returned to full health but deal 40% less damage and healing for 30 seconds. Can only occur once every 3 minutes.”
  • Cinidaria: leather belt, “Equip: Your special attack critical strikes have a chance to increase the Haste of you and a nearby ally by 40 for 6 seconds.”
  • Aman’Thul’s Stride: consumable? boots, “Equip: When a non-Tank ally within 40 yards of you takes direct melee damage, you gain 100% movement speed for 4 sec.”
  • Collar of the Lifebinder: consumable? helm, “Use: 50 of damage you take for the next 6 seconds is instead split amongst enemies within 10 yards of you. (3 Min Cooldown)”
  • Nightmare Strands: consumable? bracers, “Equip: Your taunt effects now last 15 seconds, and increase all damage you deal to affected targets by 10%.”
  • Helztstone: ring, “Equip: You have a 10% chance to ignore any damage taken.”
  • Boots of Wondrous Rapidity: leather boots, “Equip: Your Speed is increased by a portion of your Haste.”

Possibly of interest to brewmaster monks:

  • Soulcaster: intellect neck, “Use: Teleport to the location of a friendly player within 50 yards. (3 Min Cooldown)”
  • Nochtadh, Footpads of the Deft Assasin: agility boots, “Equip: Your attacks have a chance to reveal a weakness in your opponent’s defenses. While attacking from the weak side, you deal X% increased damage to the target.”
  • Platinum Repose: cloak, “Use: Restore a dead target to life with 60% health and 20% mana. Usable in combat. (10 Min Cooldown)”
  • Mantle of Ashildir: cloak, “Equip: Charm an enemy creature that has less maximum health than you.”
  • Mantle of Flames: strength cloak, “Equip: All enemies within 5 yards of you suffer 5000 Fire damage each second.”
  • Hibiki

    Hey ! You’re gonna have to deal with me again (yeah sorry “-_-“)

    Let’s be honest, I’m both worried and sad about the changes, but Blizzard still got time to get that right (I believe !!)
    Let’s share my thoughts in the same order you posted informations :

    Artifact : Let’s be blunt, I don’t like any version of it, the first one still being my favorite (I like simple design :D) but since it’s only of cosmetic value that doesn’t really matter, and well to each his own tastes

    Skills :
    I like:
    – The sharing of cooldowns for BoF and BoK,
    – Having to drink more brew
    – The removal of +amor% on the “ox stance” (doesn’t fit the brewmaster imo)
    I don’t like, well a lot of things:
    – The loss of a truckload of avoidance (as of now) and being reduced to a “punching bag” type of tanks that dodge an attack every 5 hit or so (sorry a martial artist always try to avoid a blow before trying to receive it well, not the other way round).
    – The loss of things to do while not actively tanking (namely stacking EB charges/Gotox Proc)
    – Not having a skill to pick up gotox orbs (why deny it from all the monks asking for it since MoP and giving it to DH tank for their almost identical ability with soul fragment). I’m not asking for it to be the only way to pick them up though running around is fun but not always doable.
    – The new version of OX stance: I won’t discuss about the lack of crit immunity/expertise capping/+stamina%/base stagger, all of which are obviously not tuned yet but I sorely deplore having to go to a 1.5second GCD T_T
    – The loss of Touch of death (nice to dispatch adds, and funny to use from time to time), and the loss of Nimble brew (although it’s usage was clearly situational, like BH “clear stun into TP” and same for Mannoroth Mythic)
    – Having only one active mitigation (as of now). Currently Ironskin brew is the answer to whatever situation you’re in (magical damage, physical damage, melee damage,… just one word ironskin brew (well 2 words to be accurate :D)). Even worse puryfying brew is tied to ironskin brew usage, so it’s not even a real choice of “which one to use”.

    Talents :

    Mostly uninteresting:
    T15/T30/T60/T75 are all rows of talents we already had (more or less)
    T45 : Seemed interesting at first, but as always in ressource management one is gonna be better and is gonna be the “go to” talent
    T90 : I like special delivery (for the flavor) but not the fact that it’s a proc and Niuzao seems singletarget
    T100 : Only “real” defense row with real decision to make (not like T75 with magic/physical choice)

    All in all i’m not impressed by the talent proposed for BrM (even more after looking at warriors and droods ones).
    Well I have my own idea of what could have been a good idea for BrM but sadly i’m not working for Blizzard !

    Whatever happens, i’m gonna keep looking out for your updates; keep up the good work !
    See you !

    • Sunnier

      It’s incredibly likely that all of the passives provided by Ox Stance will be baked into Brewmasters as a passive. All other tanks with these unimportant stances, like Death Knights and Paladins, are getting those baked in via passives, though the data isn’t all in yet.

      I mentioned this earlier though not in great detail, but our choice in AM isn’t Purifying vs. Ironskin, but the choices you make in succession. Say you have 3 brews every 15 sec (rough approximation), using them all on Ironskin would be a waste since it has a 6s duration and it more than covers that, and while your damage intake would be smooth, you would take a lot of it without Purifying any. Mix in a single Purify, and you have to start timing Ironskins to be at a good time, and timing Purify to be the most worthwhile.

      On a meta level, tanks are moving away from the resource shared “choice”, and there are a couple reasons for this. One, usually it’s a trap choice, i.e. old fashioned stagger/BoK vs. Purify, or in an extreme case, Shield Block vs. Shield Barrier. There was almost always a right answer, and it wasn’t hard to read it in a guide and blindly follow that answer to success. Two, it compounds the failures for beginner tanks. A beginner tank will be both weaker at generating resources and weaker at spending them at the right time. That compounding of failure means that beginner tanks function at something like 35% of the proficiency of a skilled tank (according to a Blizzard dev I spoke to), which is far too great a deviance to be comfortable with in a game as accessible as WoW. You can disagree with the reasons, but those are the goals and I doubt they’ll stray too far from them.

      On the talents, I obviously didn’t provide any of my own thoughts, though I have to say they’re a bit more optimistic than yours. They are leaps and bounds better than our current talents. I love that each row has a passive option, even though I’m alone in my little corner of valuing talents that don’t consume those cognitive resources that could be better used on learning fights (I’m a baddie and I accept it), and it’s great to smooth the learning curve for beginners. I do wish some choices added a bit more complexity to the rotation, but I’m not the type of person that can evaluate complexity without playing the game.

      • Hibiki

        Well I probably didn’t make myself clear enough for AM. When i talked about the lack of choice, I meant that ironskin brew and puryfying brew aren’t independent. An usage of ironskin will 90% of the time cause an usage of puryfying (since I think ( and hope) that the current 6% base stagger is a placeholder number).

        I also forgot in my original answer to mention how saddened I am for the loss of Dizzying Haze, no more Keg throwing for us I guess (as of now at least).

        On a side note, Did you see the new idle animations for monks equipped with a staff ? Quite nice actually !