More Wild Guesses about Vengeance Active Mitigation

Just like before, but with more Pain!

Big changes from the December build:

  • Pain definitely comes from Felblade. I also suspect it will come from taking damage, similar to Rage.
  • Wording changes suggest that Soul Fragments no longer spawn on the ground (like a demon-flavored Ox Orb), and instead automatically heal you for 5% hp.
  • Most Vengeance talents are up! But I’m not going to cover them in this blog post.

Shared Resource Active Mitigation

Note: Pain is basically Rage. You have a cap of 100, generate some through abilities and most through taking damage.

  • Demon Spikes
    • 10 Pain
    • 2 charges, 15 sec recharge
    • Increases parry by 20% and reduces physical damage taken by 8% for 6 sec
  • Soul Cleave
    • 40 Pain
    • Severs 3 Soul Fragments from your target, healing you for 5% of your maximum health per Fragment.

Resource Generators

Unshared Resource Active Mitigation

  • Shattered Souls
    • Passive
    • Some of your abilities can shatter the target’s soul, releasing Soul Fragments that heal you for 5% of your maximum health.
    • Known spells that proc it: Soul Cleave (3 fragments), many talents can increase the proc from other sources

Guesses at Rotation

  1. Use Soul Cleave when you have the Pain and need a heal.
  2. Keep Demon Spikes active as much as possible, especially when physical damage reduction is needed.
  3. Use Felblade on cooldown to generate Pain.
  4. Fill with Shear to reduce cooldown on Felblade.
  • Hibiki

    Hey Sunnier !!

    I’ve been playing a bit on the alpha and I can confirm what you said concerning the “rotations” (with the skills available so far though)
    Moreover here is some results :
    – First, Demon spikes is worth 10 pain and soul cleave 40. The 100 and 400 values should be datamining issues. Max pain is 100.
    – Pain comes from Felblade, and as you guessed, from damage taken too (Makes senses, taking damage brings pain!), as far as I noticed, the more damage taken, the more pain gained.
    – Regarding soul fragments, I’ve yet to see Shear pop one/heal me for the 5% value (maybe NYI, and the ingame tooltip say nothing about it), regarding Soul cleave, you’re automatically healed 3 times for 5% HP upon usage. Each heal can crit independently.
    – On a last note, Haste reduce the cooldown of both Demon spikes and Felblade giving a better active mitigation uptime / pain generation.

    Here is all for now, now i’m waiting for the reste of the artifact and maybe skills since it’s quite empty on the actions bars :D !

    Hope these informations are gonna help !! See you and keep up the good work !

    • Sunnier

      Awesome, thanks for confirming! I have alpha, but this has been such a busy week that I only had time to log onto a demon hunter, realize I couldn’t afford the 100g spec change cost, and then get pulled away by something else. Hopefully this weekend I can play around with it.