What will I be playing in Legion?

Both Brewmaster and Vengeance!

I love both classes, and for entirely different reasons. I get very excited about Brewmaster’s ironskin/purify gameplay and the artifact Fu Zan. And I can’t wait to leap around and play with talent builds as Vengeance. There’s a lot to look forward to!

True, if we’re being realistic I have to prioritize one over the other. The first few weeks of an expansion are a rush, and with my full time job and other obligations, it’s going to be difficult to level and gear two characters in time for raids.

So here are my plans:

I will be leveling my demon hunter first. But don’t think of this as a betrayal! Or seeing the “writing on the wall” or picking what I think will be the best tank for mythic raids (because I don’t care about that). There’s two reasons for this:

  1. I want to do the new cool thing first.
  2. I want to try out Vengeance in raids.

I know Brewmasters well. They’re intuitive for me. And they got that way because I’ve played one so long, so I want to give Vengeance a chance to catch up. I haven’t raided much as Vengeance, whereas I’ve raided years as Brewmaster. I want tanking as a Demon Hunter to become as second-nature as tanking on a Monk.

Once I get my demon hunter to 110, I’ll split my time between gearing her up and leveling my monk. Probably slightly favoring the DH, but the goal here is to get both studying artifact knowledge asap.

After things settle down, I can start gearing my brewmaster. My GM/cotank and I have mutual goals of playing two tank specs each, allowing me to raid as both Brewmaster and Vengeance (and he will play druid and paladin). I’m lucky to be in that situation, and I’m taking full advantage of it. I’ll probably be favoring demon hunter for the first raid, then once drops become commonplace I’ll pull in the monk.

My biggest concern is doing reputations. In my beta experience, gearing for raids wasn’t too bad, I just need to do world quests and dungeons and I enjoy those. Artifact power was a little rough at first, but it got easy with lots of artifact knowledge, and you can bet that I’ll have both characters studying artifact knowledge side-by-side. But reputations, specifically Nightfallen, are a slow grind that doesn’t speed up much on the second character. As there are two dungeons locked behind Nightfallen rep, it’s fairly important.

It’s also true that playing both will probably mean I won’t be as optimal. That’s a hit I’m willing to take, since tanks depend a little less on being Best In Slot. I’d rather be able to deeply understand the two classes I’m playing than to have the very highest gear and artifact traits on just one.

Anyway, I’m eager to jump into Legion and experience what’s to come! I think two characters will be a lot to handle for a little ol’ casual like myself, but I’m excited to play both classes that I adore.

  • 110* :D

  • Langbardr

    Thanks for sharing your plans, I was just wondering what you will be playing and here the answer !

    I got bored of the Vengeance before reach 110, because of the simplicity of the gameplay. It’s fun but I felt it’s almost automatic and there’s not much to think about when I played him. The learning curve is low and the spec have no real depth.

    I’m curious about your thoughts about the DH tank now you’ve hit the lvl 110 and get some decent gear.

    • Sunnier

      A lot of the depth in DH comes from using all your tools, being proactive, and maximizing Soul Cleave healing. It’s definitely a different complexity than brewmaster, where there’s a lot of depth to using active mitigation well, but a smaller toolkit of everything else. IMO, dh is very unforgiving of mistakes, where you can fall behind and can’t recover. I bring that up just to contrast it to monk, which, while it has a higher skill floor, is easier to recover from mistakes.

      Anyway, I think their complexities make it so that monk will probably be more fun in raids, where they can micro-manage damage intake to their heart’s content, and dh will be more fun in dungeons, where they can use all their abilities to find creative solutions.

      • Langbardr

        Thanks for answering.

        I was mainly talking about the core rotation, but it’s true that the DH have some cool tools for managing the mobs that monks does not have. I have to give a try to my DH on Mythic dungeons.

        You’re right and I thought the same way, DH seems to be even designed especially for dungeons and I was thinking of gear up one just for Mythic+ and keep my BrM for raids.

  • Someone

    It might just be that I’m not well-geared enough, or that I’m still too low-leveled on my Brewmaster (102), but I constantly struggle with feelings of inferiority when compared to my Vengeance Demon Hunter. It just feels… weak. Very weak, both in damage, survivability and overall tankiness. Perhaps I’m the one doing something wrong–not using my skills to a good level, not knowing how to manage the Gift of the Ox ball things properly… but on the same areas as my DH, I’ve barely been able to aggro more than 3 different mobs and come out alive, whereas on my DH I’ve had over 10 hitting me and still managed to not come as close to death as on my lovely monk.

    At least zapping around is fun, when I don’t get stuck on invisible thingies.

    • Sunnier

      Part of the problem might be that Demon Hunters are just designed to be really, really strong in the early 100s. They get a big chunk of stats up front, and less at the end, compared to other classes getting a steady amount of base stats as they level (all the stats are the same by 110).

      • Someone

        Mh… it might just be that. I’ll just level them both to 110, see how I like it. If anything, the Brewmaster Artifact looks cool enough that I can stick with that resolution easily enough. :> Great articles, by the by.