Microblog: Dual Main Mastery

Playing both my DH and my monk regularly, I was surprised that I can keep them both competitively geared and at decent artifact levels. I mean, I’m definitely behind on those, but not in a detrimental way, and that’s more due to my casual play time outside of raids than due to splitting mains.

However, I do find that I’m behind on mastering the classes. My rankings on warcraft logs are pretty abysmal because I never play either character enough on each boss to get to the point of high dps. I do well enough to get by, but not well enough to be excellent. I think that hurts more than the slightly less gear and artifact power.

“Practice makes perfect” you know, and I have half as much practice on each character than the rest of my raid, so I’m far from perfect.

I am tempted to return to a single main, and delegate the other to alt. If I went with my heart, I’d main my demon hunter and alt my monk, but class balance in mythic won’t let me. And I think part of the reason why I would like to main DH is because they’re the underdog and monk is strong to the point of boring. If DH was overpowered and monk was weak, it’d probably be the other way around.

If I was smart, I’d put my primary resources into monk and demote the DH to alt raids, but that idea just bums me out. I really like playing my DH! She’s actually at a higher artifact rank than the monk just because I like doing dailies and mythics on that character more.

Maybe if class balance gets a little closer, or if Tomb of Sargeras doesn’t favor the smooth magic handling of a brewmaster, I can figure out which character I’d like to “main”. Or continue to main both, being mediocre but at least passable as both

  • Mushoepi

    Or you’d go back to your bear…
    But really, they can all do the job, so it’s more about finding out which style/special snowflake/cheese appeals to you the most.
    Mastery may be hard with splitting time, but I think it’s still some degree of the 80/20 concept – you can get most of the way there and knowing how things go on two different specs/classes/roles itself has a value too.
    Play your passion, not a chore, right?

    • Sunnier

      My bear is at least level 100 now! But yeah, you’re right about the 80/20 thing. I can do the 80% on both characters (which I guess would be surviving and tanking well and all that), and that’s obviously the most important. I’m starting to see where that 20% (maybe dps and faster learning times) would be helpful though. I think just having two characters available opens the door of min-max pressure between specs. Like if my monk was at 880 item level, then it would make less sense to bring her over my DH. But since they’re equal, I have the option to bring the better choice so why not take it.