Microblog: Space Fantasy

I love space operas. Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy, or even the less nerd-chic things like Avatar and Jupiter Ascending, anything with wild fantastical space exploration and aliens. I especially love it when space meets with WoW, because it makes even less sense but in a good way, like designers are allowed to go wild because they’re not limited by things like physics.

The Legion invading on giant star destroyer spaceships, it’s just too great. The draenei and their giant bubble space ships. Can you believe there’s a planet in the sky and we’re going there next! On a spaceship! The Kil’jaeden fight where we’re literally hurtling through the void, only to end up on the far side of the galaxy (universe?) and using magical portals to get back!

Outland was my first space love. Not only was it a whole new planet, it was a magically broken one! The flora and fauna are all weird on their own, and then you add in some magical dimensional rifting and everything just gets that much better. Nagrand’s floating islands, Netherstorm’s fractured desolation. Even before it all exploded and it was still Draenor, I love the mushroom oceans, the spikey mountains, Shadowmoon’s forests. I love that they entire ecosystem and cultures are different because of the ancient and eternal battles between essentially rock and plant.

And of course draenei, my favorite aliens. I love them so much too. I love their big round dimensional ships with naaru in the middle. I love that they brought a menagerie with them, and that they’ve been to many different planets over a millenia. I regularly switch back and forth between draenei (my weird space lady) and pandaren (my big strong girl), and in case this post wasn’t obvious enough I’m considering switching again.

Even after Argus (OMG Argus), there are hints of visiting other planets. Even if the Burning Legion is destroyed, there are the void lords and all the planets they’re trying to consume. I get so excited when I think about it!

  • Albert Fallick-Wang

    Honestly I love your post here. :)

    I also play SWTOR and hopefully one day you can try it out. The space opera is what Bioware nailed perfectly.

    Of course, Argus is the closest we will get to Star Wars meets WoW :)

    • Sunnier

      I did play SWTOR when it first came out! And briefly when they introduced togruta (they’re my favorite).

  • Gary Hicks

    My idea of WoW2 has always been Worlds of Warcraft.

    Perhaps our legacy lives on, or is rediscovered in Worlds of Warcraft but it’s an MMO that spans worlds and star systems. I always thought that would be an amazing way of sending off WoW, while opening up so many creative and gameplay opportunities. Some worlds could have entirely different civilisations, tech, architecture, etc.

    Likewise, I’m a massive space opera fan (Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth series of books are immense, and I highly recommend Hyperion by Dan Simmons if you like a darker more literary edge to your scifi -also it’s being made into a flagship series by HBO).


    • Sunnier

      A WoW sequel that took us across worlds would probably be my favorite thing! Especially if they kept that traditional lighthearted WoW-ness to distinguish it from things like Starcraft and Warhammer 40k.

      I enjoy space opera books as well! I’ve read the first two books of the Hyperion Cantos and loved them too, and the rest is on my to-read list. Maybe I should add the Commonwealth series to that list as well!

      • Gary Hicks

        The 3rd and 4th parts of Hyperion will really blow you away! No spoilers, but it spans many worlds… may be exactly what you’re looking for! Commonwealth is a must read series, though they’re long books the characters are great and science is hard scifi. The commonwealth series is still going, I’m no awaiting the 8th book to be written ha! ;)

        And yeah, I think Blizzard could go to town with WOW2 spanning worlds. Fantasy, steampunk, scifi, space, cowboy tech, exploration. But eventually bring it back to our legacy on Azeroth. Imagine walking Azeroth’s ruins a million years after we ‘leave’ our story behind in WoW or something like that. ;)