New Transmog Pages

When Nighthold came out and I realized I was missing several pieces that only dropped in Emerald Nightmare, I decided to compile a list of where I can get all the monk and dh tier 19 models so that I know exactly what to spend my bonus roll tokens on.

Also, with the new Armor 2.0 models that don’t always display well on Wowhead (with all the cool knickknacks on the boots and gloves), I wanted to take my own pictures to remind me how pretty¬†they are.

There’s also going to be the new Transmog Sets UI coming in 7.2, so I wanted to get ahead of the game and track them before Blizzard does.

So I wrote up some pages on the class guides with Tier 19 models. Eventually I’ll expand it to include all transmog this expansion, including lookalikes and questing gear.


Demon Hunter

Transmog: Challenge Mode Two Handers

I finally completed my Challenge Modes (as Windwalker…I’m sorry), which means I have all these new trasmog outfits! These sets aren’t completely new. They might be old sets with slight modifications to better match the weapons.

By the way, if you’re looking for advice in Challenge Modes, there’s a Tankcast for that!

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Monk Transmogrification

Monks will be a difficult transmog target. Not only do they lack all the fancy tiers that other classes enjoy, but pandaren, with their adorably large, round stomachs, awkwardly stretch some textures out in ways that aren’t exactly expected.

In the real world, monks of almost any flavor dress in simple cloth robes. Unfortunately, our World of Warcraft monks wear leather. Equipment designers also have a tendency to create overly complex designs that completely go against traditional simple monk attire.

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