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[Guest Post] Fists of Fury

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Sunnier Note: This is a guest post from returning contributer Rotund of Something Wicked, a heroic Windwalker raider on Whisperwind-US.

Three tiers into the expansion, and players still love to argue about this one. Should I use it? Is it good? Where do I point it?

To be honest, I’m still not sure. I love to hate it. It’s an ability that is my last resort in my toolkit. To add insult to injury even after I decide to cast it, fate usually conspires against me and forces me to interrupt the channel whether it be fire under my feet, or the tank pulls the boss away from me as I stand firmly punching nothing but air. Windwalkers, more like windpunchers amirite?

Website Update

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If you’re a frequent visitor on my site, you may have noticed that some pages have been moved around. The home page has changed from displaying my latest posts to displaying the Brewmaster Guide, and the posts themselves have moved to The navigation at the top also shows different pages. Also, I (hopefully) fixed some of the layout ugliness that occurs on tablets.