These are WeakAuras for 7.0. If you want to find an older WeakAura, please go to the retired WeakAura page.


Defense Buffs

Shows icons and duration for currently active defensive buffs (Fortifying Brew, Diffuse Magic, Dampen Harm, Ironskin Brew, Elusive Brawler, etc).

  • Elusive Brawler is special.
    • Shows dodge chance.
    • Opacity increases as chance to dodge increases.


Copy Import String Here (WeakAuras.online)

Active Mitigation Availability

  • Cooldown and charges of Ironskin Brew.
  • Glows when at max Ironskin Brew charges.
  • Also shows Blackout Kick icon if the buff is active.


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Rotational Cooldowns

Displays icons when rotational abilities (Keg Smash, Blackout Strike, Breath of Fire, Rushing Jade Wind, Chi Burst) are off cooldown. Displays cooldown for Keg Smash.


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Defensive Cooldowns

Displays icons when big defense cooldowns (Fortifying Brew, Diffuse Magic, Dampen Harm, Healing Elixir) are off cooldown. Displays cooldown if they’re not available.

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Health and Resource Bars

Designed to replace Blizzard’s default resource bars. Displays energy (or Pain, if you import it for demon hunters).


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Stagger Bar

Displays stagger as a percentage of health, with colors corresponding to the intensity of the stagger (red, yellow, green).


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Elusive Brawler

If it’s opaque, you probably don’t need to worry about AM for the next melee swing because you’re very likely to dodge it.

  • Shows up when Elusive Brawler is active
  • Displays total chance to dodge
  • Opacity increases as chance to dodge increases.
  • Note: also included in the Defense buffs aura. This one is only needed if you didn’t import that.

Copy Import String Here (WeakAuras.online)

Download, Installation, and Customization

To import the above auras, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Weak Auras 2 addon if you haven’t already.
  2. Log into WoW and type “/wa” to open the addon.
  3. Click “New”, then “Import”
  4. Copy-paste the strings I provided above into the entry box.
  5. A small window will appear at the bottom-middle of your screen with a description of the import. Approve the import and it should work as described immediately.


To customize an aura, please follow my guide on changing the size and position of a Weak Aura.