Art of War

A brewmaster monk blog.

User Interface

I get a ton of questions about my UI. I’ve put a lot of work into it, so that question isn’t something I can just answer with a list of addons and call it a day, because most of what makes my UI useful is how I use those addons. Similarly, it seems that I can’t simply compile an addon pack on Curse because I can’t upload my settings with it, therefore making it useless. (Side note: if anyone knows of a good way to upload addons with the wtf folder, please let me know.)

I divided my addons up into five categories:

  1. Auras
  2. Buffs and Debuffs
  3. Combat Addons
  4. Unit Frames, Action bars, and Cast bars
  5. Fluffy Addons
  7. See it in Action


  1. WeakAuras: Most of the auras you see on my YouTube videos are WeakAuras.

For a complete description and list of my brewmaster-specific import strings, please read the blog post I wrote about my Weak Auras.

Buffs and Debuffs

  1. Rogue Power Bars: Standard personal buff/debuff monitor. Very easy to customize.

Monks don’t have a great deal of buffs or debuffs to track, so the default UI should be mostly enough. The buffs I track are: Tiger Power, Zen Sphere, Dampen Harm, Diffuse Magic, Fortifying Brew, trinket buffs, and outside cooldowns. I try to limit buffs/debuffs tracked by Rogue Power Bars to things that affect my decision making, which is why buffs like Power Guard aren’t there, because it’s nearly always active.

Combat Addons

  1. Death Note: Tracks the combat log events prior to any raid member’s death.
  2. Deadly Boss Mods
  3. MikScrollingBattleText: Scrolling combat text mod.
  4. Omen Threat Meter
  5. Recount
  6. Raeli’s Spell Announcer: /says Cooldowns to the raid. I use mine to announce Fortifying Brew, Avert Harm, and other abilities where it can benefit the raid to have timely announcements.

This is all pretty standard raider fare. Death Note displays the events leading up to your death, including cooldown usage and heals, and it’s really good at diagnosing why you died, whether it be from lack of heals or poor AM management or something else. Omen is less necessary today than it used to be, but it still is good for those times when you keep surpassing the main tank’s threat. Mine is set up to alert me whenever I pass 105% of the current tank’s threat, because once I pass 110% threat I’ll pull accidentally.

Unit Frames, Action bars, and Cast bars

  1. Pitbull Unit Frames: Highly customizable unit frame addon. It can be difficult to configure because there are so many options, but you can do almost everything you want with it.
  2. Tidy Plates: Floating health bar mod that illustrates useful things like threat levels, personal debuffs, and combo points.
  3. Dominos: Action bar addon. This one is my favorite because it’s super easy to create keybinds or move around bars.
  4. Vuhdo: Raid frame mod.
  5. Quartz: Cast bar replacement.
  6. OmniCC: Adds simple numerical cooldowns to your abilities.

Out of all of these, Tidy Plates is the most helpful for a tank. The rest are for convenience or aesthetics. Vuhdo is nice because it includes the ability to bind casts to your clicks on the raid frames. I have the monk dispell and Ring of Peace bound to clicks.

Fluffy Addons

These are addons that aren’t really necessary and are rarely visible to others, but I like them enough to share them with you.

  1. ReforgeLite: Makes ingame reforging much easier. I wrote a guide on how to use it as a brewmaster.
  2. FishingAce: Fishing aid addon that lets you cast whenever you have a fishing pole equipped by simply right-clicking.
  3. Crap Away!: Automatically sells any gray inventory items whenever you interact with a vendor.
  4. Prat: Adds useful functionality to your chat box like timestamps and colors.
  5. WoW Instant Messenger: Separates whispers into their own special pop up window.
  6. TipTac: Adds useful information to your mouseover tooltips like spec, total health, etc.
  7. Chinchilla Minimap: Minimap that isn’t distracting overkill.
  8. AdiBags: Bag organizing addon. Separates different types of items into clean categories.
  9. Addon Control Panel: Addon manager that lets you turn on/off addons without logging out.
  10. Mapster: World map addon.
  11. PetLeash: Summons pets automatically so you’re never lonely.
  12. BugGrabber + BugSack: Pair of addons that catch errors so it’s easier to find when other addons are breaking.
  13. MogIt: Catalog of transmog items.
  14. NPCScan: Alerts you whenever a rare npc is within range.
  15. Postal: Makes your mail much easier to manage.


Please note that these are just my config files — you will have to download the actual addons yourself. This file was last uploaded on Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Download my WTF folder (right-click > Save as):
  2. Unzip it to your World of Warcraft directory. It might ask you if you want to replace or merge the file with your own, just choose to merge them.
  3. Change or move folders:
    1. Change “ACOUNTNAME” in “/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME” to your account name, or copy the contents of that folder to your account folder.
    2. Change “Servername” in “/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/Servername” to your server name, or copy the contents of that folder to your server folder.
    3. Change “Sunnier” in “/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/Servername/Sunnier” to your character’s name, or copy the contents of that folder to your character-name folder.

See it in Action

Here is a recent kill video that shows all of my UI in action.