More Wild Guesses about Vengeance Active Mitigation

[wowheadrename] Just like before, but with more Pain!

Big changes from the December build:

  • Pain definitely comes from Felblade. I also suspect it will come from taking damage, similar to Rage.
  • Wording changes suggest that Soul Fragments no longer spawn on the ground (like a demon-flavored Ox Orb), and instead automatically heal you for 5% hp.
  • Most Vengeance talents are up! But I’m not going to cover them in this blog post.

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Tank Comparison: Patterns Emerging from the Legion Previews


With the simplified versions of tanking specializations that we had the privilege to preview a few weeks ago, we now can compare each class and analyze the patterns that emerge. For this round, I’m focusing on the resources and utility of active mitigation abilities, primarily from the information provided by Blizzard and excluding talents and artifact bonuses.

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Demon Hunter News from Gamescom 2015 Interviews

Some minor clarifications on the initial demon hunter announcement.


Perhaps contrary to the official page, Demon Hunters will only be able to wield a brand new weapon type unique to the class: Glaives. They may be given access to other weapon types after the expansion, but during Legion the only weapon we need to worry about will be our artifact glaive. Hopefully the artifact glaive will have many different visual options since our transmog will be limited. There will probably be two glaive artifacts: one for each spec.

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First Glimpse of the Demon Hunter

One of my greatest blogging regrets is not completely cataloging every strange and ridiculous phase monks went through before they were released with Mists of Pandaria. Monks initially didn’t auto attack? Shuffle was a channeled spell? Roll cost 40 energy? Classes change completely from their initial announcement and I want to archive the changes for demon hunters.

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