Heroic Yor’sahj 10 Tanking Guide

I’m not going to do a narrated video this time because my experience during this particular kill will be vastly different than your own. This fight is has so many avenues of variation that it’s difficult to cover all possibilities.

As usual, this isn’t meant to be a complete guide. I assume you already know the basic mechanics of this fight. Everything here is mostly geared toward tanks, though since this fight is primarily a test of healer skill, I will add what I know for other roles as well. I only have experience in the 10 man version of the encounter, so all advice in this article is catered to that raid size.

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Quick Things I Learned from Tanking 10 Man Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul. Perhaps a more fitting name would be “Raid of the 1.5 Tanks.” Nearly every fight has a place for you to go cat form, or for non-druid tanks to sit around and dance. If they don’t have that opportunity, then it’s just a 1 tank fight to begin with. I like to think that this instance was designed to give feral druids one last go at being that tank who dpses, because damn there are a lot of opportunities to do so.

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Heroic Al’Akir 25 Tanking Guide

Al’Akir doesn’t change much when you go from normal to heroic mode. He has nearly the same abilities, they’re just harder to avoid and require much tighter precision to survive. It is random to some extent, and requires many attempts before you finally understand the big picture. You have to learn how to prepare for the randomness (and at that point, it won’t seem like randomness at all).

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Sinestra 25 Tanking Guide

This is what I’ve gathered from scouting around the internet and from personal experience about Sinestra, Consort of Deathwing, the unlockable heroic-only boss at the end of Bastion of Twilight. As with most my guides, this is from a tanking perspective, though I try to include as much non-tanking aspects as I can.

She’s pregnant, stuck in lava, and you’re threatening her babies. You’re in for a world of hurt.

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