Mage Tower Tank Challenge | Kruul | The Highlord’s Return – Vengeance DH

After a truly embarrassing number of wipes (let’s just say it rivals the number of attempts I put into endgame bosses back when I was a competitive raider), I finally got this down. I’m not a particularly skilled player, but I am diligent. As long as you’re one of those things, you can do it too!

Despite the amount of sleep this robbed from me, I really enjoyed the challenge. I had to play around with a lot of different combinations and figure out what worked for me, a player with bad reactions and dps but a lot of patience. Everyone has a different strategy for these, but here’s what ended up working for me.

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Demon Hunter News from Gamescom 2015 Interviews

Some minor clarifications on the initial demon hunter announcement.


Perhaps contrary to the official page, Demon Hunters will only be able to wield a brand new weapon type unique to the class: Glaives. They may be given access to other weapon types after the expansion, but during Legion the only weapon we need to worry about will be our artifact glaive. Hopefully the artifact glaive will have many different visual options since our transmog will be limited. There will probably be two glaive artifacts: one for each spec.

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