Guild Wars 2: First Impressions Brain Dump

My boyfriend and I planned to spend the entire weekend glued to our computers playing Guild Wars 2, and we did just that. We ordered food, prepared some Arnold Palmer (a few years ago this would have been replaced by energy drinks, but I’m now old enough that energy drinks don’t appeal to me anymore), and did nothing except play GW2 and sleep. We ended the weekend tired and greasy, but eager for launch. I’m pretty excited for this game, more excited than I am for Mist of Pandaria. Even though it lacks end game PvE.

I have a couple of posts planned for delving deeper into the game, but here are my first impressions.

We leveled to 23 and finished most of the available PvE content for charr. We did some organized PvP and a day or so of World vs World vs World (WvW). I played an elementalist and he played a guardian.

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