Microblog: Spirit Bomb and Fracture and Resources

Today I want to talk about these two talents and how I really enjoy what they do to the rotation. They are both alternate resource consumers, acting as a compliment to Soul Cleave. Soul Cleave takes pain and souls and turns that into healing and damage reduction. Fracture is half of that, taking pain and turning that into potential for healing and damage reduction. Spirit Bomb is the other half, taking souls and turning that into actual healing and damage reduction. (And the damage reduction I’m talking about in these cases is Painbringer and Fueled by Pain.)

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Microblog: Pooling Resources

Some classes are built around pooling resources. That is, their abilities consume only a portion of their max, allowing them to use multiple of the same or similar abilities in quick succession, and allowing them to save resources when they’re not needed. Poolable resources act like a buffer against unpredictability or mistakes. Brewmasters are the classic example. They have three to four charges of brews, allowing them to use a few at the same time or recharge for later. They have ox orbs, which can be pooled during low damage times for a big heal at high damage times or small heals over time.

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Why is Resource Management Important?

As we have have moved through the Mists of Pandaria, there has been a trend of resources growing from scarce to common. Really, this happens throughout the growth of all expansions, but it became most apparent to me while playing a Brewmaster, a spec where much of the depth revolves entirely around resource management.

Where energy was slow in Mogushan Vaults, we now are at risk of capping in Siege of Orgrimmar. Where Elusive Brew procs were precious and rare in Terrace of the Endless Spring, they are now not the slightest concern. That’s natural, as our effectiveness increases with our stats. However, I found that at least for myself, it decreased my enjoyment. Sure, I was more powerful than ever, but spending those free-flowing resources was far less satisfying compared to the days when they were scarce. Why are limited resources more engaging? And why are resources fun to manage in the first place? And would it even be possible to maintain interesting resource management throughout the entire expansion.

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