Microblog: Time Management

This expansion has forced me to practice self control. At the beginning, I felt compelled to do everything. All the artifact power dailies, the daily heroic, all mythic 0s, etc. It wasn’t driven by a competitive drive, but that little voice in my head that loves to fill bars (that’s so helpful when it comes to meeting my fitbit goals). It would not shut up until I completed it all.

But it was too much, especially on two characters. Late one night, doing world quests long after raid, it occurred to me that I need to manage my time. That final world quest that awards 1/3 the amount of artifact power I’d get from my daily heroic is not going to get me any closer to my personal goals (which are simple, it’s all about fun for me).

I need to focus on the rewards that are the biggest bang for my time-buck, things like the rare world quests with huge AP rewards, or only doing mythics when I want to. Once I got over the urge to complete everything, I found time to do stuff I like more. It’s been a long time since WoW drove me to reevaluate my schedule like Legion has.

I find myself thinking about my WoW schedule like I do my work schedule. There are all these little things of varying priority, size, and requiring different skills, and a good schedule has to sacrifice some things if you want it to be maintainable in the long run.

My priorities are all about taking care of my two mains, meeting social obligations, and having time for other things like alts and transmog. When I decided to have two mains, I knew that I would not be able to min-max both. I don’t have the time to do that. But I can still get 80% of the way there for 50% of the effort.

  • Mushoepi

    So honestly, what do you find yourself doing for your second “main”? I ask out of curiosity because I was attempting to keep my druid and monk fairly equal, but have found myself slipping as time goes on. At first, I completed all emissary WQs for both, and all artifact power rewarding quests for both, as well as trying to make sure to do a daily heroic on both, and as many M+s on both as I could get time and people for.
    Over time though, as I got caught up more in the push for 34 and 35 traits on one char, clearing all AP WQs on the druid went away, except during binge sessions. I started batching emissary quests so I could do all 3 in one session then not bother again for a while. That led to often not doing a daily heroic for the druid, etc. Bottom line – the divide deepened.
    I can’t really imagine trying to additionally have *any* real time to play the other two 110s I leveled early on.
    I do think after 35 traits, I’ll back off on the time spent on the monk and play some druid catch up. As they artifact knowledge makes the climb easier that’ll help too. I’d though that after 7.1.5 and AK catchup on alts, I could probably quickly pop another char or two to raid ready, but given the extra traits released that the “mains” will then feel compelled to grind out… maybe not enough time still.

    Giving enough content without players feeling like they have to do it all or they are “losing” or getting behind is tough. The devs have written posts about it before, and you can see some of the ideas discussed show up in legion. I think largely they’ve done a good job with giving a near endless amount of things to do while still providing inflection points where grinders can choose to stop for the day/week/patch to fit their own threshold of fun/pain/time. To me, for a single character player it’d feel pretty much spot on, even while playing multiple specs. It’s a little grindy, increasing to just not feasible, as you add alts though, IMO.

    No conclusions here either, just some ramblings on my experience thus far. ????

    ????on the microblogs, random thoughts postings.

    • Sunnier

      I spent the last week focusing heavily on the DH because she was close to 34 traits and I was desperate for the new artifact skin (my monk has the hidden artifact skin, so I’m not in nearly so much of a rush to unlock anything new). But besides that, I try to keep things as even as possible. My monk is 3 traits behind, but they’re all the boring traits so it’s not a big deal. I try to do the caches on both characters, though I won’t do all 4×2 quests in a day, usually I wait for them to build up and fill them out with AP WQ of a three day period. I rarely do the daily heroic, since some of them can take a while and usually I don’t have the energy to do that twice.

      Sometimes it’s hard not to tunnel vision on one character though. I try really hard to split it out, like “do 3 WQ on dh, do 3 WQ on monk, and if I have time/energy after that I’ll go back and do more on either character”. And some days I just let myself pick one and stick with that. I’m honestly surprised how equal they turned out with my sort of random priorities.