Crucible of Storms Tanking Guide

In this guide, you’ll find simple tanking strategies for Crucible of Storms, the third raid in Battle for Azeroth. It covers normal, heroic, and mythic (though some versions are still being iterated on).

Important Spread Out Stack Run Away Cleave / Watch Positioning Adds / Change Targets Tank Swap Defensive Cooldown / Active Mitigation Environmental Dangers Interrupt
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Restless Cabal


Overview: Two bosses with separate health pools that need to be dpsed in careful order so that they activate the three relics around the room properly.

  • Tanks handle Fa’thuul, a ranged dps handles Zaxasj. Be careful not to pull threat on Zaxasj as Aphotic Blast deals splash damage.
  • Tank Swap @3 Taunt swap when stacks of Shear Mind reset. Deals physical damage and reduces stats.
  • Soak Small Indigo Zones While not tanking, soak small Void Crash zones. Leave the large ones to bounce a few times, reducing their damage.
  • Blue Cone Move out of the Cerebral Assault cone cast by the ranged boss.
  • Certain spells make allies “hostile”, which leaves them in control but vulnerable to any attacks. Be careful not to hit those affected by it.
  • Pull Boss to New Relics Whenever a boss reaches 75, 50, and 25% health they will activate the relic they are closest to, triggering an ability. Never let the same boss attempt to activate a relic more than once. A good starting order is: Tempest Caller > Void Stone > Trident.
  • Healing Reduction Void Stone: When activated, raid becomes immune to healing while the shield is active on the boss.
  • Stack inside Bubble Trident of the Deep Ocean: Stack bosses within the shield to destroy it.
  • Stay above 25% Tempest Caller: Dropping below 25% hp will instantly kill you with Annihilate.
  • Untankable Adds Interrupt When he activates a relic, the melee boss will spawn untankable adds that will die once Witness the End is allowed to finish casting. This does raid damage, so they should be interrupted so that they don’t all finish at the same time.
  • Untankable Adds Whenever the caster boss activates a relic, he summons adds that need to be brought to 1hp to interrupt Terrifying Echo. Instead of dying, these adds slowly regenerate back to full.
  • Witness the End deals twice as much damage if the adds are interrupted less than 6 seconds after each other.
  • If the caster boss is pulled off his caster “tank”, the caster tank, the actual tanks, and likely the melee who got hit by splash damage will become hostile because they all got hit by a Aphotic Blast which turns everyone effected hostile once the debuff expires (Agent of Demise). This is pretty bad news.
  • Each relic gains a new effect that lasts until the next relic is activated.
  • Void Stone: Creates a Void Essence that occasionally pulls everyone toward it.
  • Trident of the Deep Ocean: Swirling projectiles from Oceanic Essence must be avoided. They stun for 8 seconds on impact.
  • Tempest Caller: Creates a Storm Essence that needs to be soaked in a rotation. It deals increasing damage and will kill you if it drops you below 25% hp.
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  • Trident of the Deep Ocean will create a shield Custody of the Deep around your raid to reduce damage. However, this effect is far more likely to lead to raid wipes than to prevent them, so most raids do not use it.
  • Stay above 25% While Tempest Caller is active, be careful not to drop below 25% health.
  • Healing Reduction While Void Stone is active, be aware that you cannot be healed.
Phase 1: Avoid the Bad Environment Things
  • Tank Swap Swap the boss after Touch of the End is cast. Deals shadow damage and applies a DoT. Adds will automatically swap.
  • Guardian Adds Adds fixate on the tank who has the Touch of the End debuff. Tank 10 yards apart from boss, otherwise the boss will not take any damage. Adds deal less damage the less health they have, but they cannot be killed without activating the Tempest Caller relic.
  • Stay in Safe Ring Gift of N’Zoth: Obscurity draws a circle around the encounter space, reducing the safe area as the phase continues.
  • Keep Boss Away from Red Puddles Oblivion Tear heals the boss. You don’t want anyone in your raid to accidentally hit them.
  • Avoid Membranes Run to safe ground during Maddening Eyes of N’Zoth. Getting hit will make you hostile to allies for 8 seconds. It looks like a weird membrany-pink ground effect.
  • Run Through Lasers Carefully During Piercing Gaze of N’Zoth, run through the closest laser ASAP, then once your debuff falls off run through the second laser.
Phase 2: The Boss has FRiends
  • The ideal time to kill adds is while the boss is channeling.
  • Boss continues to: summon adds, spawn Oblivion Tear.
  • Boss stops using: Maddening Eyes of N’Zoth, Piercing Gaze of N’Zoth, Gift of N’Zoth: Obscurity.
  • Haste on Adds Gift of N’Zoth: Hysteria heals adds 50% and permanently increases their haste and movement speed. These guys start to hurt.
  • Avoid Large Purple Circle Move out of Unknowable Terror, which is a slightly smaller giant circle inside your safe giant circle but this time there’s a huge faceless guy looking out from the edge. It will fear anyone in it.
  • Untankable Mindbenders Pick Up Voidspawns Mindbenders cast randomly. Swarming Voidspawns appear on death of Mindbenders. Pick them up. They will explode on death.
Phase 3
  • Boss continues to: summon adds, spawn Oblivion Tear.
    Boss stops using: Gift of N’Zoth: Hysteria, Unknowable Terror, Mindbender and Voidspawn adds.
  • Healing Reduction Gift of N’Zoth: Lunacy applies 5 seconds of everyone being hostile, so you will be unable to receive heals and vulnerable to attacks from allies.
  • Space gets tight in this phase, remember your priorities of a) staying alive and b) keeping boss and adds apart.
  • Soak Small Indigo Zones Soak small Void Crash zones. Leave the large ones to bounce a few times, reducing their damage. (yes, same as in Restless Cabal)
  • Now in Phase 3: Run Through Lasers Carefully During Piercing Gaze of N’Zoth, run through the closest laser ASAP, then once your debuff falls off run through the second laser. Since space is so limited in phase 3, you likely will have to take two stacks of the lasers. Use cooldowns if this happens.
  • Stand near your matching relic If afflicted by Unstable Resonance, run through the corresponding void, storm, or ocean relic to remove the debuff.
  • Adds periodically increase their damage with Hunger for the End.
  • At 100 energy, Guardian adds will bite the tank with Feed, healing themselves.
  • Voidspawns teleport randomly with Voidstep.