New Transmog Pages

When Nighthold came out and I realized I was missing several pieces that only dropped in Emerald Nightmare, I decided to compile a list of where I can get all the monk and dh tier 19 models so that I know exactly what to spend my bonus roll tokens on.

Also, with the new Armor 2.0 models that don’t always display well on Wowhead (with all the cool knickknacks on the boots and gloves), I wanted to take my own pictures to remind me how pretty they are.

There’s also going to be the new Transmog Sets UI coming in 7.2, so I wanted to get ahead of the game and track them before Blizzard does.

So I wrote up some pages on the class guides with Tier 19 models. Eventually I’ll expand it to include all transmog this expansion, including lookalikes and questing gear.


Demon Hunter

  • aranan

    Very cool, Sunnier! Transmog is honestly one of my favorite parts of this game these days and a big motivator for me in raiding–gotta get the outfits to play dress up. I also have noticed that wowhead (and in-game methods such as MogIt) aren’t always showing the items correctly. Wowhead doesn’t have the extra doodads, and Mogit often shows the wrong difficulty’s colors on items. Maybe I should just make my own list like you did…

    • Sunnier

      Transmog endgame twins! Those are the biggest two reasons why I made my own list (and maybe why Blizzard is implementing their own, it’s surprisingly hard for addons / dataminers to properly display the right thing).