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Brewmaster Weak Auras

There aren’t many addons out there for Brewmasters out there, but you can use my Weak Auras if you’re desperate for some (sorely needed) customization.

There was a major update in March 2013, so if you downloaded my auras from before then, they will look a bit different now.

Latest Updates

Dec 29, 2013 - Updated screenshots, aura strings, added Pastebin links, and links to WeakAuras2. Added Healing CD Group. The original WA has been abandoned and development for the addon continues with WA2. Currently these auras work for both, but I recommend upgrading before the original WA stops working. Follow the instructions here to upgrade.
Aug 13, 2013 - Fixed bug in Guard aura that caused an error at shield sizes greater than one million.

Known Issues

  • Some auras must be modified to work with non-English clients.
  • Some people experience problems with size and animation with the glow for the Keg Smash/Energy Bar aura. I can’t reproduce this myself, but others have reported changing the dimensions of the glow aura to a square will fix the animation problems (though it won’t look as pretty). My hunch is that it’s a graphics card issue, so when reporting the problem please include your graphics card info.
  • If reporting an issue: Please include any of the following: screenshots, reproducible steps, weak auras version, operating system, screen resolution, graphics card, and/or error logs (Download Bug Grabber and BugSack for good error reporting). As a warning, these auras work for me so it’s pretty unlikely I can fix your issue, though I keep a record of all issues so that I can keep them in mind next time I redesign.

Table of Contents

  1. Stagger
  2. Shuffle / Blackout Kick
  3. Keg Smash and Energy Bar
  4. Chi Bars
  5. Guard
  6. Elusive Brew
  7. Level 30 Healing Talents
  8. Expel Harm
  9. Cooldown Group
  10. Healing Cooldown Group
  11. Notice Group
  12. Vengeance
  13. Stagger Percentage
  14. Download and Installation


Displays the stagger damage as a percentage of your max health and the intensity (green - semi transparent, yellow - less transparent, red - opaque). When you have Tier 15 two-piece, provides a timer for when the Staggering buff is active. When you have Tier 15 four-piece, makes the Stagger Icon glow when the free Purifying Brew proc activates. If you are talented into Healing Elixirs, a small icon will appear when it is available (since Purifying Brew activates the heal).

Normal Stagger

Tier 15 Stagger Auras

Healing Elixirs Stagger Aura

Copy Stagger string Here (Pastebin)

Shuffle / Blackout Kick

Displays duration of Shuffle in seconds. Icon is red and opaque when the buff is missing, yellow and semi-transparent when it’s about to fall off, green and nearly-transparent when the duration is very high, and normal at other times.

Copy Shuffle string Here (Pastebin)

Keg Smash and Energy Bar

While Keg Smash is on cooldown, a small progress bar and timer will appear directly above the energy bar. When it is off cooldown, the energy bar will glow. Because the Energy Bar relates so closely to the Keg Smash aura, it belongs to the same group.

Copy Keg Smash and Energy Bar string Here (Pastebin)

Chi Bar

Displays a maximum of five Chi as cute little suns. When you have less than three Chi, the icons dim to encourage Chi pooling. If you have Power Strikes talented, will display a moon in place of the fifth Chi to indicate the proc’s availability. If you have Chi Brew talented, will display a timer icon in place of the fifth Chi.

Copy Chi Bar string here (Pastebin)


Displays the remaining cooldown on guard and whether it’s usable, and the remaining absorb value when it is active.

Copy Guard string here (Pastebin)

Elusive Brew

Displays the stacks if not active and the remaining duration of the buff if it is active. If Healing Elixirs is talented, displays a small icon when heal is ready.

Copy Elusive Brew string here (Pastebin)

Level 30 Healing Talents

This is a group with all three healing talents. Each icon only appears when you have the respective talent selected.

The Chi Wave aura will glow when it’s available and show a cooldown when it’s not.

The Zen Sphere aura will glow when the spell is available and the HoT is not active on you. Otherwise, it will show the cooldown.

The Chi Burst aura will not glow like the others because we Brewmasters tend to spec into this only when there are certain encounters that benefit from grouped up heals, and not when we need to use it on cooldown.

Copy Healing Talents string here (Pastebin)

Expel Harm

Displays remaining cooldown on Expel Harm and whether it’s usable.

Copy Expel Harm string here (Pastebin)

Cooldown Group

This is a grouping and consolidation of the many defensive cooldowns available to brewmasters. It shows the icon and remaining cooldowns of the following abilities: Dampen Harm (when talented), Diffuse Magic (when talented), Fortifying Brew, and Zen Meditation. It’s a dynamic group, which means that the icons move around to make space for the rest of the auras in the group.

Copy Cooldown Group string here (Pastebin)

Healing Cooldown Group

Similar to the normal Cooldown Group, this aura tracks healing abilities such as Healthstone, Healing Elixirs (if talented), and Gift of the Naaru (if Draenei).

Copy Healing Cooldown Group string here (Pastebin)

Notice Group

This is a very simple dynamic group that displays an icon for Ox Statue when it’s not active, Touch of Death when it’s usable, and Tiger Palm with Tiger Power is missing or about to fall off.

Copy Notice Group string here (Pastebin)


Displays the amount of attack power you’ve gained through vengeance. It’s tiny and very simple.

Copy Vengeance string here (Pastebin)

Stagger Percentage

I didn’t create this aura. Someone on Twitter found it. But it works pretty well. It displays your current stagger percentage by adding together your master, Shuffle, Tier 15, and others.

Copy Vengeance string here (Pastebin)

Download and Installation

To import the above auras, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Weak Auras 2 addon if you haven’t already.
  2. Log into WoW and type “/wa” to open the addon.
  3. Click “New”, then “Import”
  4. Copy-paste the strings I provided above into the entry box.
  5. A small window will appear at the bottom-middle of your screen with a description of the import. Approve the import and it should work as described immediately.

If you just want to use everything here (plus some), follow these steps:

  1. Download the Weak Auras 2 addon if you haven’t already.
  2. Download my latest WeakAuras.lua (right click -> save as).
  3. Save this file in your WoW directory, under World of Warcraft/WTF/YOUR-ACCOUNT-NAME/SavedVariables/.
  4. Start the game and all these auras should appear when they’re supposed to.