Vengeance WeakAuras


Active Mitigation Pills

Shows icons / cooldowns for vengeance active mitigation abilities.

  • Demon Spikes (one for each charge)
  • Empower Wards
  • Soul Barrier

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Soul Cleave Bar


A progress bar that estimates your total healing with Soul Cleave compared to your max health. Also displays your number of Soul Fragments and the percentage of your Soul Cleave compared to max health.

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Defense Buffs


Displays information relevant to your current active mitigation or cooldowns. Bigger icons for more important mitigation.

  • Demon Spikes (duration)
  • Fiery Brand (debuffing target, duration)
  • Empower Wards (duration)
  • Metamorphosis (duration)
  • Soul Barrier (includes absorb amount)
  • Soul Carver (debuffing target, duration)
  • Painbringer (duration)
  • Siphoned Power (duration)
  • Soul Fragments
  • Feast of Souls (duration)
  • Some item effects (trinkets, legendaries)

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Rotational Cooldowns


Displays icons when rotational abilities are available, and progress bars when they’re on cooldown.

  • Immolation Aura
  • Felblade (if talented)
  • Fel Eruption (if talented)
  • Spirit Bomb (if soul fragment is available & debuff isn’t present on target)

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Defensive Cooldowns


Displays icons long-cooldown defense abilities when available, and cooldown bars when not.

  • Fiery Brand
  • Metamorphosis
  • Fel Devastation
  • Nether Bond
  • Empower Wards
  • Last Resort

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Health and Resource



Designed to match my other auras. Displays health, energy, pain, runic power, runes.

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Item Cooldowns


A shared aura I use between all my tanks. Displays things like trinket cooldowns and artifact ability cooldowns. Note: This aura does not include every trinket cooldown (yet).

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Download, Installation, and Customization

To import the above auras, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Weak Auras 2 addon if you haven’t already.
  2. Log into WoW and type “/wa” to open the addon.
  3. Click “New”, then “Import”
  4. Copy-paste the strings (under the download section in the links I’ve provided) into the entry box.
  5. A small window will appear at the bottom-middle of your screen with a description of the import. Approve the import and it should work as described immediately.

To customize an aura, please follow my guide on changing the size and position of a Weak Aura.