Defense Buffs

Displays information relevant to your current active mitigation or cooldowns. Bigger icons for stronger mitigation.

  • Soul Cleave Estimation (as % of max hp or total)
  • Metamorphosis (duration)
  • Empower Wards (duration)
  • Fiery Brand (debuffing target, duration)
  • Soul Carver (debuffing target, duration)
  • Demon Spikes (duration)
  • Painbringer (duration)
  • Siphoned Power (duration)
  • Soul Fragments (turned off by default, stacks)
  • Feast of Souls (duration)
  • Soul Barrier (includes absorb amount)

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Active Mitigation Available

Displays icons when DH Active Mitigation abilities are available, timers when on cooldown, stacks, and animations when they come off cooldown.

  • Demon Spikes
  • Soul Barrier
  • Soul Fragments

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Rotational Cooldowns


Displays icons when rotational abilities are available, and progress bars when they’re on cooldown.

  • Immolation Aura
  • Felblade (if talented)
  • Fel Eruption (if talented)

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Health and Resource


Displays health bar and Pain bar. Intended as a replacement for Blizzard’s Personal Resource Display.

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Defense Cooldowns

Displays icons long-cooldown defense abilities when available, and cooldown bars when not. (Fiery Brand, Metamorphosis, Fel Devastation, Nether Bond, Empower Wards, Soul Carver, Darkness.)

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Download, Installation, and Customization

To import the above auras, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Weak Auras 2 addon if you haven’t already.
  2. Log into WoW and type “/wa” to open the addon.
  3. Click “New”, then “Import”
  4. Copy-paste the strings I provided above into the entry box.
  5. A small window will appear at the bottom-middle of your screen with a description of the import. Approve the import and it should work as described immediately.

To customize an aura, please follow my guide on changing the size and position of a Weak Aura.