Brewmaster 6.2 Survival Guide

The short version of this week’s patch:

  • Brewmasters will not be able to survive quite so easily due to reduced stagger.
  • Shuffle and Purifying Brew are not nearly as important to survival as they used to be.
  • Nerfs to Serenity and the reduced importance of Shuffle and Purifying Brew mean you should probably spec into Chi Explosion more often.
  • Get Tier 18 ASAP. It’s really good.
  • Stat priority is roughly the same as before.
  • We’re still in a great spot, despite nerfs.

And now the details…

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Tier 15 Trinket Comparison for Brewmasters

Trinkets for tanks are no black-and-white matter. There are trinkets that are good for burst reduction and time-to-live, while others are good for avoidance, total damage reduction, and DPS. Trinkets are the best way to change your stats for what you need at a moments notice, and because of that, there is no true best-in-slot pair. Ideally, you should collect a handful of trinkets with various specialties and swap them in depending on fight requirements.

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