Level 30 Healing Talent Macro

Ability and tooltip will change depending on the talent you’ve selected. For Chi Wave, it will automatically target yourself so you can guarantee at least the first heal landing on yourself.

/cast [nomod,@player,talent:2/1] Chi Wave; [nomod,talent:2/2] Zen Sphere; [nomod,talent:2/3] Chi Burst

Combined Level 90 Talents

Puts Xuen, Rushing Jade Wind, and Chi Torpedo on the same keybind so you don’t have to move your skills every time you respec.

/cast [talent:6/1] Rushing Jade Wind; [talent:6/2] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger; [talent:6/3] Chi Torpedo

Combined Level 60 Talents

Puts all level 60 talents on one button so you don’t have to move them around when you respec.

/cast [talent:4/1] Ring of Peace; [talent:4/2] Charging Ox Wave; [talent:4/3] Leg Sweep

Combined Level 75 Talents

Puts all usable level 75 talents on one button so you don’t have to move them around when you respec.

/cast  [talent:5/2] Dampen Harm; [talent:5/3] Diffuse Magic


Uses Provoke if no modifier key, AoE taunts off of your Black Ox Statue if shift modifier is used, taunts to your statue if ctrl modifier is used but only if you have Glyph of Leer of the Ox.

/cast [nomod] Provoke
/target [mod:shift] Black Ox Statue;
/cast [mod:shift] Provoke
/cast [mod:ctrl] Leer of the Ox

Tiger Palm + Trinket

If I need a trinket to be macro’d, I usually tie it to either Jab or Tiger Palm. This macro temporarily turns off error messages so you won’t hear annoying sounds when you use this macro while the trinket is down.

/cast Tiger Palm
/script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use Jade Warlord Figurine
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE");

Focus Interrupt

Interrupts your focus target if you have one, otherwise interrupts your target.

/cast [@focus,exists] Spear Hand Strike; Spear Hand Strike

Dismiss Ox Statue

Destroys your Ox Statue.

/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton

Serenity Spam

Activates Serenity, then casts both Blackout Kick and Purifying Brew while the button is spammed.

/cast  Serenity
/cast Blackout Kick
/cast Purifying Brew