Recent Changes

Legion Patch 7.0 (Prepatch) — July 19, 2016

Please read the 7.0 Brewmaster Survival Guide for more details.

  • General Changes
    • Chi is no longer a resource for brewmasters.
    • Multistrike is gone.
    • Haste now reduces the cooldown of Keg Smash, Ironskin Brew, Purifying Brew.
  • New or Modified Abilities:
    • Tiger Palm: Merged with Jab, now costs energy, reduces remaining cooldown on brews by 1s.
    • Blackout Kick: Renamed Blackout Strike. No longer has a chi cost or applies active mitigation. Now it’s just a filler move.
    • Surging Mist: Renamed Effuse.
    • Keg Smash: Now reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec.
    • Breath of Fire: No longer has a chi cost. Now your big AoE burst skill.
    • Ironskin Brew: Brand new, increases your Stagger amount by an additional 40% for 6 sec, shares charges with Purifying Brew.
    • Gift of the Ox: Now heals for roughly 12% health, no longer increased by multistrike.
    • Purifying Brew: Now shares charges with Ironskin Brew, only reduces stagger by 50%, down from 100%.
    • Expel Harm: No longer a heal in its own right, but heals by drawing distant ox orbs to you for a large heal.
    • Fortifying Brew: Like all big defensive abilities, damage reduction was reduced and cooldown was increased. Cooldown is now reduced by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm.
  • Unchanged: Roll, Stagger, Provoke, Spear Hand Strike, Crackling Jade Lightning, Paralysis, Zen Meditation,Transcendence
  • Removed Abilities:
    • Jab: merged with Tiger Palm
    • Stance of the Sturdy Ox: now default with spec
    • Resuscitate (resurrection spell): now Mistweaver only.
    • Touch of Death: now Windwalker only.
    • Leer of the Ox
    • Spinning Crane Kick
    • Nimble Brew
    • Guard: now in PvP only as a talent
  • Talents