Stats & Gear

Read Wowhead’s guide for Stat priorities, legendaries, artifact progression, relics, and trinkets:

Wowhead Vengeance Stats & Gear

Or read their guide on enchants and consumables:

Wowhead Vengeance Gear Enhancements

Curious why don’t I have stat priorities here?

Stat Effects

  • Defense Healing (through attack power), and dodge.
  • Offense Attack power
Critical Strike
  • Defense Parry (through Riposte), Chance for extra effectiveness of heals
  • Offense Chance for extra effectiveness of attacks
  • Defense Damage reduction on Demon Spikes (through Fel Blood), Healing (through attack power)
  • Offense Attack power
  • Defense Damage reduction and healing
  • Offense Pure damage increase

Theorycrafting Notes