Trait & Talent Interactions

[wowheadrename] Vengeance has an especially complex relationship with Talents and Artifact Traits, where one trait can be greatly affected by a talent, or a baseline ability changed completely with traits.

Soul Fragments

Soul Fragment management is key to excelling as Vengeance, and it’s almost entirely controlled by random events.

Fire Damage

Painbringer, an artifact trait, heals you for 15% of the fire damage you deal. That makes many of your baseline, talented, and artifact abilities healing spells as well!

Demon Spikes

Demon Spikes is Vengeance’s primary damage reduction active mitigation. It increases damage reduction by an amount based on mastery and increases chance to parry by 20% (baseline).

  • Razor Spikes: Increases physical damage dealt while Demon Spikes is active.
  • Defensive Spikes: Increases chance to parry up to 50% for the first 3 seconds after activation of Demon Spikes. (see section on Parry for additional benefits)
  • Feed the Demon: Consuming Soul Fragments reduces the cooldown of Demon Spikes. (see section on Soul Fragments for more on generation/consumption)

Soul Cleave

Soul Cleave is our primary healing tool and consumes Soul Fragments.



Fiery Brand

Fiery Brand is Vengeance’s primary damage reduction cooldown. It affects a single target, lasts 8 seconds, and reduces damage by 40%. It also deals fire damage to the enemy target.


Meta is our signature defensive ability, on a 3 minute cooldown, increasing max health and pain generation.

  • Additional Benefits
  • Additional Activation