Vengeance WeakAuras

I’m always iterating on these, but this is the set up I have as of the pre-patch 8.0.1 (July 20, 2018). There still might be a few changes that aren’t present.

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DH Rotational CDs

What I look out to figure out what to do next. This dynamic group shows abilities with a short cooldown.

DH Available Defense Dynamic

What I look out when big damage is happening. This dynamic group shows all available defensive abilities, like Demon Spikes and Fiery Brand.

DH Defense Buffs

What I look at to see how safe I am. This dynamic group shows all defense buffs/debuffs I need to know about to make good decisions, including Demon Spikes and Meta. It also has a big annoying rune when I have no buffs up at all.

Tank Item CDs

What I look at to see what items I have to help. This simple group has a random miscellany of trinkets, health stones, etc, that is used between all my tanks. It’s mostly a helpful place to start when I get new trinkets, and I can simply duplicate and change the name of item to make a new aura.