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7.2 Vengeance Survival Guide

Vengeance Changes Demonic Wards   Your tattoos reduce all damage taken by 20%, up from 10%, and increase your Stamina by 55% and your Armor by 75%, down from 120%. The end result of this change to our tanking passive means we’ll have same amount of physical damage reduction, and about 10% more magical damage reduction. This should help … Continue reading 7.2 Vengeance Survival Guide


7.2 Brewmaster Survival Guide

Brewmaster Changes Not many balance changes to brewmasters. All tanks now get 0.65% damage increase per artifact point spent. Player Taunts now increase all threat caused against the target by 400% (was 200%). Should be easier to grab threat and hold it after a taunt, even if your cotank has better legendaries than you. All tanks no longer … Continue reading 7.2 Brewmaster Survival Guide


New Transmog Pages

When Nighthold came out and I realized I was missing several pieces that only dropped in Emerald Nightmare, I decided to compile a list of where I can get all the monk and dh tier 19 models so that I know exactly what to spend my bonus roll tokens on. Also, with the new Armor … Continue reading New Transmog Pages


New Nighthold Tanking Guide!

The tanking guide is up for normal and heroic Nighthold. As always, I’ll be updating over the next few weeks as I learn these fights, simplifying where I can, correcting what I got wrong, and filling in the “notes” tabs with talent builds and class-specific tips.


Vengeance 7.1.5 Survival Guide

Overview 10% physical damage reduction was moved from Demon Spikes to passive, making us more sturdy when Demon Spikes isn’t active. We also got a stamina buff to help manage burst. Metamorphosis was greatly buffed, and now offers an armor increase and guaranteed Soul Fragments from Shear. Many talents got rebalanced. Expect to re-evaluate most talent tiers, especially tier … Continue reading Vengeance 7.1.5 Survival Guide


Brewmaster 7.1.5 Survival Guide

Overview New talents in the level 75 defensive tier! (Healing Elixir, Mystic Vitality, Dampen Harm) You should swap that talent tier around much more often now. Re-balanced numbers for some underused talents. You should experiment with them. (Elusive Dance, Gift of the Mists, Niuzao, Rushing Jade Wind, Ring of Peace) Item level should be more important in deciding … Continue reading Brewmaster 7.1.5 Survival Guide


Vengeance and Brewmaster in Emerald Nightmare

I’ve cleared all of this raid on both vengeance and brewmaster, enough offer a decent comparison of the two specs I main. Both are roughly the same ilevel, with experience on the same bosses. For Emerald Nightmare, I started bosses on my DH and took my brewmaster on farm. Originally this was because I am far more comfortable on … Continue reading Vengeance and Brewmaster in Emerald Nightmare


Brewmaster 7.1.5 Talent Changes

Throughout Mists and Warlords, our level 75 defensive talents have been exemplary. The choice between the three talents was always compelling and varied; the universally useful (but minor) Healing Elixirs, the strong damage reduction (but restricted uptime) of Dampen Harm, and the impressive magical damage reduction (but situational use) of Diffuse Magic. But when the tanking paradigm changed in Legion, … Continue reading Brewmaster 7.1.5 Talent Changes


New WeakAuras for Brewmaster and Vengeance

I’ve been iterating on my auras for both my characters to be more useful to me. The old auras are still available if you look at the change log, I just won’t be updating them. The biggest changes you might see if you import these are: Health and reactive mitigation: Soul Cleave prediction is … Continue reading New WeakAuras for Brewmaster and Vengeance


Legion Brewmaster Retrospective (so far)

So brewmasters aren’t so popular anymore, but they’re still as powerful as ever. How can this be? Why am I still playing one? Why does the community at large think they’re terrible? What can be done to fix it? I’ve said before that if I were making choices solely based on progression, and not my irrational … Continue reading Legion Brewmaster Retrospective (so far)


The Blogs

Six Year Blogoversary!

Wow, I’ve been doing this a long time. The big events this year were Legion beta, Legion release, and all the new raids and guides that come with that. It’s been a big year for this site. I’m particularly proud of how far my guides have come. My raid guides have more polish, my class guides … Continue reading Six Year Blogoversary!


Microblog: Skill

The other day I was playing a console game and struggling with a boss fight. I’d been working on it for many attempts and failing miserably to get the boss anywhere close to dead. After tolerating a half hour of raging, my boyfriend borrowed my controller and, after having never played this game, killed the … Continue reading Microblog: Skill


Microblog: Character Inspiration

Lazier, the demon hunter badass old lady | stoic loner | animal lover | lost her peaceful forest sanctuary to the legion and vowed revenge Sunnier, the monk peaceful | positive | wants to have a good time | hates violence, but fights to protect her home | part-time farmer | the war and destruction that … Continue reading Microblog: Character Inspiration


Microblog: Talent Choice Equation

Long time readers might be familiar with how I chose talent recommendations, and might know that it’s a little different than most guides out there. I think what surprises most is that I don’t rely on sims. They’re a part of the equation, but not the last word. I value many other things when it … Continue reading Microblog: Talent Choice Equation


My Experience with Vengeance and Gul’dan

For the most part in this expansion, I’ve been able to use my monk and dh interchangeably. Sure, there have been some situations where one was a bit stronger than the other, but I could cover those weaknesses with some adjustments in strategy or toolkit and it worked out fine. But when we hit heroic … Continue reading My Experience with Vengeance and Gul’dan


Microblog: Un-identity Talents

I wrote a while back about talents that I cling to because I just kinda like them. There are also talents I avoid, because I just kinda don’t. Most of the talents I avoid are just fine balance-wise. Often, they’re even part of the cookie cutter spec most people take. And that’s great! I want … Continue reading Microblog: Un-identity Talents


A Brief History of Me – Stumbling into Progression

As we approach my 10 year anniversary of playing World of Warcraft, I thought I’d take a step back and do some reminiscing. Many years ago I wrote about how I started playing this game, from The Burning Crusade to the middle of Wrath. Here’s where that post ended: Power Word Awesome was the last guild … Continue reading A Brief History of Me – Stumbling into Progression


Microblog: Underdog

I enjoy my class better when it isn’t the best. I might even enjoy it the most if they’re the worst. It usually means that I’ll be challenged a bit more, and I crave challenge of the sort where I just have to play tighter to survive. The way balance works in this game, it’s … Continue reading Microblog: Underdog

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Microblog: Monetization

I don’t make any money off this blog. At least, not directly. When I started many years ago, the primary way to make money was through ads, which are ugly and obtrusive and don’t make enough money to justify marring my “artistic expression”. So I didn’t do that. Now, there are things like Patreon which allow … Continue reading Microblog: Monetization


Microblog: Stagger is a Hell of a Drug

Tanking something that hits hard feels so damn good on a monk. When I see my stagger reach really high numbers, and I purify it mostly away, it’s like a drug. I get a little surge of happy brain chemicals, like you get with most games, but it’s built into the class. On any other tanking … Continue reading Microblog: Stagger is a Hell of a Drug

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