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  • Microblog: Actually Terrible

    Microblog: Actually Terrible

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. I’m not sure what the context of that quote is, but when I apply it to myself I find it funny. The whole reason why I maintain this blog is to teach myself, because I struggle with a lot of things. I …
  • Microblog: Words Without Conclusions

    Microblog: Words Without Conclusions

    Usually when I write posts on this site, it’s with a goal in mind. At least, the only posts that make it to the public eye have to have a point. It’s sort of an unconscious rule of mine, along with presenting everything constructively, even if it’s something I’m particularly …
  • New WeakAuras for Brewmaster and Vengeance

    New WeakAuras for Brewmaster and Vengeance

    I’ve been iterating on my auras for both my characters to be more useful to me. The old auras are still available if you look at the change log, I just won’t be updating them. The biggest changes you might see if you import these are: Health and reactive …
  • Legion Brewmaster Retrospective (so far)

    Legion Brewmaster Retrospective (so far)

    So brewmasters aren’t so popular anymore, but they’re still as powerful as ever. How can this be? Why am I still playing one? Why does the community at large think they’re terrible? What can be done to fix it? I’ve said before┬áthat if I were making choices solely based on …
  • New Quick and Dirty Trial of Valor Tanking Guide

    New Quick and Dirty Trial of Valor Tanking Guide

    Strategies for normal and heroic Trial of Valor are all there. As always, I’ll be updating over the next few weeks as I learn these fights.