My Experience with Vengeance and Gul’dan

For the most part in this expansion, I’ve been able to use my monk and dh interchangeably. Sure, there have been some situations where one was a bit stronger than the other, but I could cover those weaknesses with some adjustments in strategy or toolkit and it worked out fine. But when we hit heroic Gul’dan this week, that was the first time I ever swapped out one character for the other for progression.

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Tank and Healer Goals for Legion

On Episode 34 and Episode 35 of TankCast, Arielle and I talked about the latest blue post on tanking. The post goes over Blizzard’s goals for tanking and healing in Legion. The primary focus is making tanks easier to approach, improving active mitigation, and including healers in the tank survival equation. The whole post is below if you haven’t read it yet.

WoW Dev Comments

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Lazy Tank’s Guide to Mythic Socrethar

The only fight where you can carry your raid or take a nap, depending on your tanking role. If you are a true lazy tank, you know what to do.

For a verbal version of what one lazy tank and one very busy tank have to say about this boss fight, listen to Episode 28 of TankCast, starting at 08:45.

For a written version, keep reading.

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