Lazy Tank’s Guide to Mythic Socrethar

[wowheadrename] The only fight where you can carry your raid or take a nap, depending on your tanking role. If you are a true lazy tank, you know what to do.

For a verbal version of what one lazy tank and one very busy tank have to say about this boss fight, listen to Episode 28 of TankCast, starting at 08:45.

For a written version, keep reading.


Key things to plan for (via Talents, Glyphs, and/or Trinkets):

  • DPS cooldowns for Dominator add
  • Big physical damage reductions for Reverberating Blow
  • Anything to smooth the unpredictable bursty melee hits from construct.

Construct Phase

  • Reverberating Blow
    • If the Construct dies quickly enough, swap every two Reverberating Blows. Otherwise, swap every three.
    • Reverberating Blow #1 is very low damage that won’t even need a cooldown.
    • Reverberating Blow #2 and #3 (if he’s alive that long) need much larger cooldowns.
  • The boss dual-wields, so damage can be incredibly bursty. Just play cautious because you never know when you’ll get hit with 4 melees in 3 seconds and die.
  • New in Mythic: Apocolyptic: Not deadly on its own, but combined with everything else it can easily contribute to tank death. Use active mitigation or a minor cooldown to reduce its damage.
  • Environmental Hazards:
    • New in Mythic: Voracious Soulstalker is an add whose spawn is marked by tall purple swirls and fixates on the closest player. It kills anyone caught in a cone in front of it. All the tank has to do is avoid it and move the Construct away from it if it spawns among melee.
    • Green goo: Green goo
    • Green swirls: Green swirls

Add phase

  • Socrethar
    • Tank him on top of the red portal, which spawns dominators. Pick up Dominators when they spawn (a targeting macro is helpful to do this quickly).
    • Follow the red portal if it swaps sides.
    • Taunt Shadowcallers (casters), if possible, to bring them closer
    • Use defensive cooldowns soon after the Dominator spawns, because Gift of the Man’ari will come out soon and hurts everyone.
    • Save big damage and offensive cooldowns for the Dominators.
  • Construct
    • Voracious Soulstalker, from Phase 1: use construct’s trap. Don’t forget to reapply it when the duration is almost out.
    • Draw a straight line from boss to portal to lay down Fire and slow Haunting Souls. Avoid walls because they make things weird.
    • Drop apocalyptic felburst on the Dominator when it spawns, but warn the raid because they’ll die if they’re standing in it.
    • orbs to AoE Haunting Souls. You can usually get 2 orbs off before they reach the raid.
    • Otherwise: smashy on the boss.
    • Your rotation might look like this: trap > charge > smashy > burst > orb > trap > smashy > orb > charge