Taking a Break

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence, but I’m on a break from tanking and mythic raiding right now. The short version is that real life has gotten pretty busy lately (in a good way, mostly). You can the longish version in this twitter thread:

I haven’t quit WoW, I’ve just been playing casually as an elemental shaman on Doomhammer. And I’ve been enjoying all that flexibility quite a lot!

Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for quick and easy guides, here are some alternatives:

@Vetaro ‘s minimalist Nya’lotha guide: tinyurl.com/miniNya

Hazelnuttygames ‘s short video guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHBcemKOV_HYiT6ynRmpStsD482O5MhkU

Mythic Details Added for Antorus

I finally got around to updating almost all the bosses (I haven’t seen mythic Argus yet) with details for mythic! This has been a rough winter and busy spring for me, so I’m sorry it took so long! Hope it’s still helpful. :)

Antorus Tanking Guide

Also, we’ve covered a lot of stuff on the podcast too. Here are some of the latest episodes that might be informative!

New Nighthold Tanking Guide!

The tanking guide is up for normal and heroic Nighthold. As always, I’ll be updating over the next few weeks as I learn these fights, simplifying where I can, correcting what I got wrong, and filling in the “notes” tabs with talent builds and class-specific tips.

Nighthold Tanking Guide

First Draft of the Quick and Dirty Legion Dungeon Guide is up!

My raid tanking guides for previous expansions have been pretty successful, so I wanted to expand them to dungeons for Legion.  Right now they just include simple tanking strategies for normal mode, but I will expand that to heroic and mythic once I get more testing in.

I’ve been working on this guide for quite a while, and using it a lot for myself because there are a lot of bosses to keep track of and it’s easy to forget what they all do. I hope it’s helpful for those in beta, or for those who aren’t, something to keep in mind when you experience these dungeons for the first time after August 30th.

For easy reference, you can find this guide in the “Legion Beta Guides” sidebar to the left, and once the expansion releases, under “Quick and Dirty Tanking Guides”.