Sunnier’s Legion Survival Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I level as a tank?

Definitely! With your survival, mobility, and AoE, you’ll probably level faster as a tank than as a full damage dealer.

What stats do I want?

While leveling, all you really care about is the item level on any new gear. If it’s higher than what you currently have, equip it.

What artifact relics do I want?

Just like with gear, while leveling all you care about is the item level. If you have two relics at identical item levels, pick the one that increases damage since that’s what you need most for leveling, and they’ll get replaced soon enough.

What artifact traits should I aim for first?

For Brewmasters, you want Obstinate Determination by way of Potent Kick, Hot Blooded, and Face Palm.

For Vengeance, you either want Charred Warblades or Fueled By Pain. Personally, I’ll be going toward Charred Warblades first by way of Infernal Force, Devour Souls, Will of the Illidari, and Honed Blades, then working for Fueled By Pain.