How to Determine the Best Race

(Or: How to title a blog as something that sounds absolutely horrible out of context.)

Here’s how I determine my favorite race:

  • Does it have horns? +1000 pts
  • Does it have digitigrade legs? +1000pts
  • Does it have fur? +500 pts
  • Does it have a tail? +500 pts
  • Does it have good hairstyle options? +500pts
  • Does it have good hair color options? +250pts
  • Is it unusual in some way (i.e. not human)? +100pts
  • Are there a lot of this race in my raid group already? -250pts
  • Does it look good in transmog? +50pts
  • Cool animations? +50pts (not quite so important for monks, because we have unique animations)

Which puts the rankings at:

  1. Draenei: 3450 pts
  2. Tauren: 3100 pts (Sadly losing out because of lack of hairstyles and colors.)
  3. Worgen: 2150 pts
  4. Pandaren: 1950
  5. Everything else: 850, plus or minus 100 pts