Top 10 Favorite Mounts

I really like mounts. Not collecting them, but a select few that are important to me. One of my recurring dreams is riding on a horse around. (Too bad the horses in this game don’t look like horses.)

10. Emerald Pandaren Phoenix

My favorite color is green and this is a pretty green bird. Like a peacock.

9. Thundering August Cloud Serpent

I just love these dragons’ animations. And gold s the best color.

8. Pureblood Fire Hawk

This mount is just really dramatic and I got it so early (US 12!) that it actually felt special. Now it doesn’t feel so special, but it’s still pretty.

7. Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

This is a green tiger in red armor. He just looks so weird. Who thinks of a green tiger?

6. Life-binder’s Handmaiden

Giant horns are great. I really like the look of this mount. And I think it’s sort of interesting that Alexstraza has handmaidens.

5. Jade Primordial Direhorn

Ugh dinosaurs are just the best. And she’s green! I don’t understand how or why jade would reanimate as a triceratops, but I’m not here to ask questions.

4. Swift White Hawkstrider

Long ago, this was the only Hawkstrider a tauren could ride. I wanted it so badly. I spent days looking at it in Wowhead double checking that it could be ridden by my druid. And when it finally dropped!

3. White War Talbuk

As I was leveling my first character, I kept seeing all these max level characters riding around on these beautiful antelope creatures. I knew I must have one. The very first thing I did upon reaching level 70, before even gearing up much, was grinding the reputation for these mounts. (This one is only the best because it has purple horns.)

2. Armored Skyscreamer

For some reason I just find this flying dinosaur* adorable. Sure, he looks tough, but he’s really just a loving blue buddy.

*Probably not actually a dinosaur.

1. Swift Windsteed

I like goats, and this Qilin-wannabe is a magical flying dragon goat. He’s so cute when he prances around on the ground. My wind goat.