Microblog: My Rare Complaint

I don’t like to complain. It’s part of my branding, “relentlessly positive, actually terrible”. I try to put a positive spin on everything in this game because that’s the way I like it. But I do have one complaint I can’t find a positive spin for.

My demon hunter’s bad legendary luck is bumming me out. Recently, after facing a boss for which I had only one relevant legendary, I made the decision to sideline her for my monk. My monk has the best legendary luck, and all of the strongest legendaries. She has legendaries for days, some I’ve never used because she gets them too fast for me to process. I once got two legendaries within two hours!

What makes this all more frustrating is that I play my DH more. My brewmaster has about two thirds the time played at 110 as my demon hunter. I’ve done almost twice as many mythic+ dungeons on my DH. My DH was my first to 110, and she’s been the first to get exalted through all those emissary quests. But she has two fewer tanking legendaries.

I can’t help but wonder if I screwed myself over with a single mistake. My DH’s third legendary was for havoc. I forgot to switch my lootspec and on the first emissary I did as that spec, I got a legendary for it.

Of course, spec-specific legendaries are supposed to use different rates of “luck” now. But this was long before that change. I knew I had set myself back 4-6 weeks (however long it would take to get the next tank legendary). I can’t help but wonder if that still is screwing with my luck now. Is it possible a single mistake has led me down this road of sidelining my DH? How much better would I feel about this spec if I got the vengeance boots instead of the havoc ones on that fateful day?

I like legendaries in a solo capacity. For example, in the tank challenge I could find what worked for me using the gear I had available. Who cares if I didn’t have the best legendaries? The only person’s time I was wasting on not having the best was my own. But against a hard-hitting boss with very specific requirements, I’m suddenly wasting 20+ people’s time with my poor luck. I have to play a different character just because of my legendaries.

I like legendaries when I have them all, like on my monk. I can swap them in and out depending on the fight, and it adds another layer of customizability. But I like talents in the same way, and talents are available to everybody. Talents are just better all around for that customizability.

It’s super rare that I just get mad and complain. I am resistant to a lot, because I like this game and I like raiding and I’ll suffer through frustrations, or stick to my personal preferences when I can. But this time I’ve been just…sad. The only thing I can do about it is to keep playing my DH in hopes that one of the BiS legendaries drop, but it’s become such a problem that I’m not confident bringing her to mythic raids, thus limiting her legendary chances to dungeons and dailies and optional raids. At least I have a lucky character to fall back on.