Microblog: PvE Transmog Woes

Why is it easier for me, a devoted pve raider, to get complete pvp transmog sets than complete pve transmog sets?

I don’t do battlegrounds. Wherever a Mark of Honor daily pops up, I do it on my three max level characters and get a enough tokens for a whole pvp set plus a little bit of progress to the next. It takes 15 minutes. Easy squeezy.

Meanwhile, 9 hours a week are devoted to raiding mythic and heroic, and you know how many complete transmogs I have? The answer is three sets between two characters. I don’t even have previous expansion transmogs complete, despite the fact that I farmed many of those raids for months while they were relevant. (And I’m missing more than bracers and cloaks, too!)

I also farm LFR for transmog, which takes about 2 hours a week. Luckily, I’m almost done with that, though I’ve been working on it for a few months. Thank goodness only one of my characters has a cool set from there.

Part of the difficulty is that there are so many leather wearing classes that many appearances only have a single source. Some non tier pieces don’t even exist, like boots for druids or bracers for demon hunters. I usually spend my bonus rolls on bosses that do drop these unique appearances, though that’s usually not enough.

Even farming old pve sets is much more tedious than old pvp sets. Lower difficulties are limited to personal loot, so you get one piece per boss. Because older raids still have pieces that only drop for the appropriate loot spec, you’ll have to switch loot specs between bosses to target what you want. A few hours of farming a week will likely still give you nothing. (See my long attempts at farming Siege of Orgrimmar, which is a slow raid to move through in the first place, where I have on multiple occasions forgotten to switch to resto spec for the final boss and missed my weekly opportunity at that stupid belt.)

At least if you’re farming old pvp sets, you can do it by doing relevant content (battlegrounds and world quests), so even if you’re unlucky with drops, at least you got prestige along the way. Even though my route of waiting for the right dailies is slow, but it’s a guaranteed set and only takes a small portion of my time.

I just get frustrated. I live for transmog but have very little control of the pieces I get in pve. I wish I could buy appearances if I’m unlucky, or unlock the appearances through achievements or something. I want to be able to show off my pve accomplishments in my transmog.