Battle for Azeroth Main Musings

I’ve been thinking more and more than I’m going to need a change come BfA. Not that I don’t love my brewmaster, but more that I’ve been doing the same thing for six years and I need some freshness. I feel more like I’ve hit a wall in improvement on my monk, where technically I can improve, but I’m stuck in my ways and need to try something else so that later I can see it in a fresh light.

I’ve even played around with the idea of changing roles. Whenever I do pugs, I prefer healing or dps over tanking since it’s less pressure and I don’t have to talk to strangers so much. Tanking has always been a huge source of anxiety unless I’m with friends (and often, even then). If I did change roles, I think I’d pick up either shaman (elemental or resto) or druid (feral or resto). I really like the class fantasy of shaman and druids too (elements! nature!).

Switching roles is tempting because I’m getting a little bored of tanking raids. It feels like every fight is only allowed to challenge your movement or damage mitigation, never anything else. And when  a fight does more than one thing, the most common solution is to bring three tanks and trivialize it. Switching is probably too risky, since that’s a whole different mindset than tanking. I don’t think I’d be able to cut it in the world of mythic dpsing!

I tried to switch classes in Legion with my demon hunter. I stuck with it until the end of Nighthold, where it became clear my demon hunter couldn’t keep up. She lacked the right legendaries to be competitive, which thankfully won’t be an issue come BfA. Demon hunters also didn’t fill any particular strong niche at the time, whereas a monk was very strong in just the things my team needed. It came down to the choice of making my raid suffer and making myself work so much harder just to play a demon hunter, so I settled on the easier choice.

So if I want to reroll again, I need to come at it with a broader approach. I have 5 tanks at 110 right now, I could try to get all of them to 120 quickly and have a pool of classes to pick from. I do like playing multiple tank classes at a time, though that requires a heavy time investment. And I still will need to pick a class to start with. I’m pretty sure I’ll pick between my monk, warrior, or demon hunter first. Depending on how they shake out, I’m leaning toward warrior just because mine is a lightforged draenei. DH can’t be any allied races, and that is the biggest bonus of BfA. And I want my monk to be a dark iron dwarf, which I won’t be able to unlock until 120.

Maybe I’ll also level my shaman, just in case. ;)