A Sunnier Bear’s Survival Guide to 4.3

According to MMO-Champion, patch 4.3 is coming this Tuesday. We don’t have any major changes coming our way, but here’s what to look out for.

Changes to Bears

Bear Form now provides a Stamina bonus of 20%, up from 10%.

This is a change to help us remain competitive among block-capping Paladins and Warriors. This increases stamina’s value to bears, though it is still not more valuable than agility for damage mitigation. In most cases, you should still gem agility, though Shifting Demonseyes will be even more attractive for those blue slots.

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How to Make Your Weapon Awesome in 4.3

Feral staves used to have a reputation of being awesome. We had ugly cat and bear forms, so they had to give us something pretty to look at, right? Even if it was just for running around Shattrath.

Then we started sharing staves with hunters, and our options were suddenly less cool. Well, now that the ability to change the appearance of your gear is coming in 4.3, we can go back to the way things were!

Here are, in my opinion, the best options to pick from.

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