Tier 15 Trinket Comparison for Brewmasters

Trinkets for tanks are no black-and-white matter. There are trinkets that are good for burst reduction and time-to-live, while others are good for avoidance, total damage reduction, and DPS. Trinkets are the best way to change your stats for what you need at a moments notice, and because of that, there is no true best-in-slot pair. Ideally, you should collect a handful of trinkets with various specialties and swap them in depending on fight requirements.

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The Brewmaster Tier 15 Smooth Gearing Paradigm

I’ve spent a lot of time this tier experimenting with stat combinations. On the surface, not much has changed. Mastery received a slight buff and haste got a subtle nerf when the healing talents became free, but nothing huge. However, the inclusion of many physical, bursty fights has give us Brewmasters much to consider regarding our secondary stats.

These are my gearing decisions, based on experimenting, browsing logs, theorycraft, and the input of other brewmasters. As is always the case with brewmasters, there aren’t many wrong ways to gear yourself, but there are good places to start, especially if you’re struggling or just looking for some guidance.

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