Brewmaster 7.1.5 Talent Changes

Throughout Mists and Warlords, our level 75 defensive talents have been exemplary. The choice between the three talents was always compelling and varied; the universally useful (but minor) Healing Elixirs, the strong damage reduction (but restricted uptime) of Dampen Harm, and the impressive magical damage reduction (but situational use) of Diffuse Magic.

But when the tanking paradigm changed in Legion, these talents suffered. In a world where big defensive cooldowns were neutered, and active mitigation was molded to fill that role, Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm fell into disuse. Compared to Ironskin Brew, both abilities were ineffective. Diffuse Magic could reduce magic damage pretty well, but why waste a talent on it when Ironskin Brew is nearly as good, and most boss burst magic were designed to be countered by frequently usable active mitigation anyway. Dampen Harm could be used to reduce those giant physical attacks, but if it was used at the same time as Ironskin it was unlikely to even trigger. These two talents were built in a time when infrequent defensive cooldowns were necessary, and clung to that ideology even when tanks changed to value frequent defensives much more.

But, in 7.1.5, that’s all going to change!

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When We Have Shuffled off this Mortal Coil

I can’t say we weren’t expecting this. Brewmasters have often enjoyed being strong tanks, but never to the degree we saw in Blackrock Foundry. High Stagger, brought about by unexpectedly high gear levels and our own excellent mastery, allowed Brewmasters to overcome mechanics that were quite challenging to other tanking classes. We were breaking mechanics, tanking things that weren’t meant to be tanked, and shrugging off attacks that required externals cooldowns on other tanks. Something had to change. What we did not expect was the magnitude and location of those changes.

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6.2 Brewmaster Patch Notes as of April 14th

I’m still developing an opinion on these changes, so this post will be absent any theorizing. Today I’ll cover and clarify the objective changes to Brewmaster monks as of Tuesday, April 14th, and the subjective reactions will come later. (Feel free to post your own opinions in the comments, though.)

Also, it’s very likely the set bonuses and legendary ring will change, among other things (hopefully many things).

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