Heroic Omnotron 25 Tanking Guide

In this video and our first kill, I was brought as cat dps. My kitty gear is primarily bear gear, so my dps was pretty low. The fact that I was in on our first kill should indicate that this is not a dps fight; it’s a control fight.

Heroic Changes

Every ~35seconds, Nefarian will buff one of the currently active constructs’ abilities. Not all of them change, he just picks one.



  • Power Generator will turn into an unstable power generator, which expands to 4x its original size, then nukes everyone left inside.



  • Nefarian grips everyone into the poison cloud. The cloud also does damage, run out ASAP.

General Tips

  • Heroic Omnotron’s motto is “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.
    • Whenever you get Lightning Conductor, run out of the raid, but not too far away so that if you get Shadow Conductor you can quickly run back in to the raid.
    • Whenever a Power Generator spawns, stand in it, but always be prepared to run out if it starts growing.
    • Whenever someone gets Acquiring Target, be prepared to run in case they are rooted. If in doubt, just start moving towards the far wall, and the victim of Acquiring Target should run to the near wall (if they can). If they are rooted, they need to call it out in vent.
    • If there’s a poison cloud up, be prepared to get gripped. A grip can potentially lead to poison bombs spawning close to the raid, so expect to switch targets quickly and run away if you get focused.
  • You will wipe many, many times. Sometimes this fight is unbeatable.
  • Tunnel vision is your enemy. Try not to pay attention to the health of the bosses, because the second someone thinks they need to burn and forgets to stop dps on Electron is the second the entire raid explodes.
  • I truly believe that this fight depends on efficient raid calls. There is a lot information flying about, it’s easy to forget about one thing. Raid calls also prevent tunnel vision.

Cat Tips

  • I specced into Infected Wounds so that I could snare the slime bombs. When the slime bombs spawned, I would open up with a Mangle, Rake, and if the bomb still had high health I’d finish with a low combo point Rip. Swipe does really poor damage these days, so it will be a better use of your time to do single target.
  • I didn’t even bother putting a Rip on Electron. Rip lasts too long, and it’s too likely that it will proc Electron’s Unstable Shield and wipe the raid. It is possible to put a rip up if you get enough combo points early, but I would recommend playing it safe while you’re first learning the fight.
  • Stampeding Roar is super-duper awesome when the raid gets gripped into Toxitron‘s poison cloud. When you see the warning for it, start pooling the 40 energy you need. In most fights, you’ll be able to use Stampeding Roar every time a grip happens.
  • You have to switch targets a lot during this fight. Your dps is going to look pretty bad, unfortunately. Just remember that an alive dps does more good than a dead one. As I said before, this fight is all about control and not messing up the mechanics.

Bear Tips

  • Toxitron needs to be tanked in a corner away from the raid, so that when he spawns slime bombs the raid will have enough time to burn them down. Try to stop attacking when the shield is up.
  • Arcanotron should be tanked on top of the ranged, so they can quickly hop into a Power Generator whenever it spawns. When a Power Generator spawns, you need to high tail it to the other side of the room. For my guild, this meant he would be tanked on either side of the big entrance. Don’t worry about putting the pool just behind Arcanotron so that the melee can use it; it’s too risky that it will buff Arcanotron’s damage and you can’t afford that. Try to stop attacking with the shield is up.
  • Electron should be tanked somewhere in the middle. When the construct after him spawns, move him far away from the raid so that they won’t get nuked by the shield. You MUST stop attacking when the shield is up.
  • Magmatron should be tanked in the middle, too. Be prepared for his Flamethrower, as players with it tend to run in your direction. You probably can attack while his shield is up, but since you can never tell how much more damage the shield can take before it explodes, I didn’t risk it.
  • If someone gets Shadow Infusion while you’re tanking Electron away from the raid, pop Survival Instincts or Mirror of Broken Images and stay out of the raid.
  • I used a stamina trinket and Mirror of Broken Images. This fight is very crazy for healers, so being able to rely on your own cooldowns is a major plus. The stamina trinket was because I died a few times to melee hits, you may or may not need it, depending on your gear and your healers.
  • Aggro can get pretty close for the first time you pick up a construct. If I knew I would be tanking Toxitron, I would use Berserk for him. Otherwise, I’d use it on the first pick up.
  • Just like for cat, if the raid gets death-gripped into a poison cloud, use Stampeding Roar. You will really need it, because this is a pretty scary time for a tank. You should also use a minor cooldown like Barkskin. If you’re tanking Toxitron, it is really important that you get him back to his corner away from the raid before he spawns more slimes.