Heroic Valiona & Theralion 25 Tanking Guide

This is actually a pretty easy fight once you get the hang of it. Your raid needs to stay alive as long as possible to because there are numerous abilities that have damage that needs to be split.

The Basics

  • 2 tank fight. As there’s only one dragon to tank at a time, both tanks will have to dps half the fight. This is a great fight for druids for that reason, though other tanks have places to shine on their own.
  • You need to send players down into the twilight realm to kill the Twilight Sentries. Twilight Sentries spam Rift Blast, which does damage to your whole raid. In Heroic mode, that damage is very difficult to heal through, and it decreases when you kill more Twilight Sentries.

Phase 1 (Valiona on the ground, Theralion in the air)

  • Whenever someone gets Blackout (if they aren’t a paladin or mage), everyone needs to run to the melee and split the damage between the whole raid.
  • During Valiona’s second ground phase, we had raiders suicide whenever they got Blackout. Healing is too difficult this far into the fight and it’s easier to just let people die and battle res them later. To suicide, just run far away from everyone and wait until the debuff is removed. If you’re a class that has an immunity effect, you can use it and hopefully not die.
  • Power aura for Blackout:
  • Version:4.16; b:0.3569; g:0.3451; buffname:Blackout; x:4; bufftype:2; aurastext:Blackout: Run to melee!; textaura:true; size:1.1; y:66; texmode:2; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:98

Phase 2 (Theralion on the ground, Valiona in the air)

  • Melee stacks up for Twilight Meteorite. If a ranged gets it, they just need to run to the melee pile.
  • Power aura for Twilight Meteorite:
  • Version:4.16; b:0.2588; g:0.349; buffname:Twilight Meteorite; x:11; bufftype:2; aurastext:Twilight Meteor: Run to melee!; textaura:true; size:1.13; y:-29; texmode:2; timer.enabled:true

  • Only ranged can get Engulfing Magic, run away from anyone else and stop casting until you’re far away.
  • Power aura for Engulfing Magic:
  • Version:4.16; b:0.2588; g:0.2; buffname:Engulfing Magic; x:9; bufftype:2; aurastext:Engulfing Magic: Stop Casting, Run Away; textaura:true; size:1.03; y:-117; texmode:2; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:-92

  • The key debuff is Twilight Shift. This slowly gets applied to the current tank. Once the stack reaches 5, that tank gets sent into the Twilight Realm. Down there they will continue to take damage but can’t get healed. The dragon will continue to attack them until it gets taunted by the second tank.
  • You do not want a tank to get 5 stacks of Twilight Shift at the same time as a phase shift. That’s basically suicide, so stagger the stack gain.
  • To avoid sending a tank down, we taunted at 4 stacks whenever we could (that is, whenever the off tank’s stacks of Twilight Shift had fallen off). Most attempts followed this pattern:
    • Tank 1 gets 4 stacks, Tank 2 taunts off
    • Tank 2 gets 5 stacks, Tank 1 waits for them to go under, taunts
    • Tank 1 gets 5 stacks, Tank 2 waits for them to go under, taunts
    • Tank 2 gets 4 stacks, Tank 1 taunts off
  • For the times you have to go down, quickly call to the other tank that you’re down so that they can taunt off as soon as you disappear.
    • When you’re in the Twilight Realm, quickly head to a portal. The portals gradually grow small and disappear, so hurry toward a large portal. Heroic Leap and Dash are useful here.
    • Also avoid bombs in the Twilight Realm. Just pay attention to where you’re running, they’re not hard to avoid.
  • When the other tank has to go down, don’t stand near them because you will get sent down with them if you’re near by. Stand by the dragon’s side or behind it and wait until the main tank’s body disappears. The dragon will still be attacking the other tank, so taunt quickly.

Sending People to the Twilight Realm



  • I didn’t really see much of this strategy, so this is just the stuff I remember.
  • Our strategy consisted of sending two subtlety-specced rogues down. Subtlety rogues are very good at surviving, and most of the time we didn’t even need to send a healer down. (If we did happen to need a healer, we sent a paladin, since they can bubble the debuff off).