Heroic Alysrazor Tanking Guide

Here’s my first attempt at a narrated tanking guide. I hope I can keep doing these and improve on them, so feel free to contribute any constructive criticism.

I had to cut out a couple dozen “umms” for this to sound halfway decent…

The basic points are:

  • I got expertise and hit capped. The Voracious Hatchlings are only level 87, so you don’t need to cap to hit a boss-level mob. If your dps is high enough, you won’t need to reforge at all.
  • Eat the worms quickly. You can space it out a bit, but the sooner you eat them, the easier the rest of your raid can move around.
  • If the hatchlings frenzy, pop a minor cooldown in 10 man, or a major cooldown in 25 man.
  • Unlike in normal mode, heroic mode makes you kill three hatchlings before each tornado phase. The hatchlings have less health, but this will require you to reapply any debuffs. The final (third) hatchling is always the hardest to kill in time, so use pots and/or dps cooldowns.
  • Pick up one or two feathers if no one else in your raid needs them. They’re useful for the tornado phase, but they help your damage dealers and healers the most.
  • When Alysrazor lands, you should pop a cooldown while you’re tanking her. You can either use one or both tanks during this phase, it’s all up to your raid’s preference.