Reasons I Want to Go Monk

(That aren’t related to balance or mechanics.)

1. I get to see my transmog. Transmog is the coolest thing to happen to WoW in years, and it’s a bit disappointing to spend all this time making a set for my druid only to hide it under a furry coat.

This is basically what my current transmog would look like on a panda.

2. Animations are super exciting and fluid. I’ve complained about bear animations before; most of the time we can’t see our skeletal movements because that big bear butt is in the way, they’re the same animations no matter your race, and they’re just old school. Monk animations incorporate movement into the entire player model. There’s so much spinning and arm and leg movements that it’s actually fun to watch your character.

3. Roll. It just looks so fun.

4. I like Kung Fu movies. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

5. I get to be a brewmaster; specializing in making beer! I don’t really drink much alcohol, but I sometimes homebrew with my dad and it’s the best delayed satisfaction activity out there. You start out with a giant pot and add grains and sugary stuff and yeast and it tastes like sugary grain water. Then you wait for a few weeks and it doesn’t taste sweet any more and you can bottle it. Then you wait some more. And then it’s done and you can give it to friends and impress them!

Making beer is an outdoor sport.

6. Lady pandas are adorable and only get more adorable the more I look at them. And they have tails. I know it’s totally a fan service tail and it doesn’t make sense that only red lady pandas have them, but I want it nonetheless.

That’s not to say I’m lacking excitement for bears in MoP. Things like typhoon and Ursol’s Vortex make it very exciting. But all those reasons I listed above about monks sure are tempting. I will probably write a companion list of reasons I want to stay druid in the next few days.