Reasons I Want to Remain a Druid

1. We’ve got some really good looking utility talents coming our way that will be awesome for tanks and actually provide a unique flavor that warriors don’t have. MoP is looking like the first expansion where bears are more than warrior clones and are turning into true guardians of nature.

2. As much as I criticize it, I do love bear form. It makes it easy to pick out my character in a crowd, and it’s cute, and you still can’t find any other games that let you turn into an animal all the time. It’s a unique concept. I think our identical animal forms create this solidarity that’s unique to the druid class.

3. Offensive tanking is a very cool idea and bears are still the only tanks who strictly adhere to it. They are defensive characters who benefit from stats like crit, hit, and haste and it’s fun to do that. I feel like a bear ninja.

4. I’ve never played anything but a druid as my main and changing classes is scary so the easy way to handle that is not to switch.

So there we have it. I’m waiting until I get into the beta and have the opportunity to play with both classes before I decide which one I want for MoP. I’m in the process of building a new website under a different domain/blog name, so don’t worry if “Sunnier Bear” doesn’t make a lot of sense for monks. :P