Level 90 Monk Talents

Another week, another patch. The most exciting change is raising the level cap to 90, which means access to level 90 talents and we will get to start testing heroic dungeons soon.

So about those talents…

Chi Torpedo

Looks cool, but it doesn’t deal damage or heal like the tooltip says (unless I’m not using it right??). It looks pretty cool, but I’ll have to wait until it’s fully implemented to pass judgement.

Rushing Jade Wind

This ability has a hefty cost of two Chi. It launches a green tornado in a line in front of you, dealing damage to anyone in its path. If there were any situations that required heavy AoE damage, this might be a good option, but I still see it as every monk’s last choice.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

This skill is free but on a long, three minute cooldown. You summon a tiger guardian who attacks whatever you attack. He deals decent damage, and stops attacking when he should (i.e. when your target’s disoriented). He’s also a pretty handsome lookin’ animal, so this is my favorite.

By the way, I asked my sister (who’s a student of Chinese) how to pronounce “Xuen”. She said it’s sort of a weird word but it’s probably pronounced “shu-en” (except the “sh” is a very soft “sh” sound and the whole thing almost sounds like one syllable but it’s not a real word so whatever).