MoP Beta Addons

Addons have been enabled on the beta, and here’s what I’ve been using.

(Last updated: Mon July 9, 2012)

First off, if you want to keep updated on addons that are some-what ready for MoP testing, check out the Mists of Pandaria Beta tag on WoW Interface. Most are still buggy, but less buggy than their Cataclysm counterparts. (If you know of any other MoP addon sources, please let me know!)

As for my brewmaster UI, it is still far from ideal, and most of my key addons have not yet been updated, but I found quite a few tools that are Good Enough.

Brewmaster Tao
[Download] Brewmaster-specific addon that keeps track of your stagger amount and the percentage of your health, as well as your Power Strikes cooldown.

[Download] Historically a DoT-tracking addon, but it has been updated with Brewmaster buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns, giving you the ability to track your Shuffle buff duration (among other things).

[Download] My number 1 bar mod.

Tidy Plates: Threat Plates
[Download] It’s hard to tank without this sucker. Provides floating health bars with little threat bars so you can easily tell when the hunter’s turtle pulled off you.

Deadly Boss Mods
[Download] It’s not completely functional yet, but every once in a while you’ll see a raid warning pop up. Keep an eye on this one, and update regularly.

Scrolling Combat Text
[Download] It caused a lot of errors for me, but it is mostly functional.

[Download] I don’t really use Vuhdo regularly, but I know a lot of people depend on it and I haven’t had any errors from it yet.

[Download] (be sure to go to the ‘Other Files’ tab and download a beta version)
I haven’t tested this one out either, but for any healers out there I think its existence will make you happy.

Weak Auras
[Download] (Hit the “Zip” button to download the most up-to-date changes.)
Beautiful, beautiful Weak Auras. I’ve already replaced most of my UI with this baby. Maybe once my auras start to look pretty instead of purely functional, I’ll post them for others to borrow.