Twisted Nether Blogcast Interview is Up

Here it is, my interview. For the next hour or so, you can listen to me chuckle nervously, lose my train of thought, and try to avoid swear words. I ramble a bit about this blog, too. It was a fun interview.

Listen Here

More thoughts:

  1. I’ve seen one episode of “It’s Always Sunnier in Philadelphia” out of obligation to my name, but everything was out of context so I didn’t understand much.
  2. My anxiety-purifying brew of choice was some cherry wheat beer. As a pandaren brewmaster, dumb jokes and alcohol are always acceptable.
  3. A few years ago when I was in my podcast-maniac time of life (lots of bus commuting), I always wanted to be a guest on a podcast and thought it’d be terrifying. Now I’ve been on three and it’s like “dude, what’s the big deal, it’s just saying the stuff I talk about all the time except now it’s getting recorded.”
  4. My mom, dad, and brother listened to this one. They were pretty excited because I told them this one would be a little more understandable for non-WoW players than my previous interviews. My mom fell asleep halfway through because it was past her bedtime. I forgive her.