Brewmaster Roundtable

As promised, here’s the footage of Tuesday’s Monk Meditation. I think it went incredibly well, and I loved hearing opinions from people with completely different areas of expertise. I hope we can do another one in the future.

Audio Podcast for just listening

The guests were:

Runs the monk blog Legacy of the Brew
Follow on Twitter @VaylenEU
10 man Heroic/Flex, Ragnaros-EU

25 man Heroic, Shattered Hand-US

10 man Normal, Drenden-US and Aerie Peak-US
Follow on Twitter @geekofrandom

Host of Monk Meditation
10 man Normal – Aerie Peak-US
Follow on Twitter @wowmonk

10 man Heroic, Fenris-US

Sadly, CptnKrunch had an emergency and couldn’t make it. However, we plan on having him on a future podcast so just hang tight if you want to hear some tasty Simcraft stuff.