Glyph Imaginarium

I think most brewmaster glyphs are sort of boring, so I tried thinking of more interesting ones. The best glyphs come in one of two flavors:

  1. A small bonus that’s not required but occasionally useful (e.g. Glyph of Zen Meditation).
  2. A situational trade off (e.g. Glyph of Guard).

Here are my not-entirely-thought-out ideas:

Glyph of Guard Recovery
Makes the healing buff last for X seconds, but reduces the overall absorption by Y%.

The thought behind this is to give Guard the usage many people think they’re getting when they use Glyph of Guard for the extended heal bonus.

Glyph of Precise Guard
Guard no longer absorbs stagger damage.

Sort of random, but sometimes I don’t like Guard absorbing often insignificant or easily healable damage.

Glyph of the Selective Belch
Breath of Fire now only hits your primary target, but the damage over time effect is increased by x%.

I thought it would be cool to have a single target offensive chi consumer, since we don’t have that right now.

Glyph of Speedy Haze
Dizzying Haze reaches your target twice as fast but no longer applies a snare.

Glyph of Greased Lightning
Jade Lightning is now a 2 second cast dealing X% of its original damage, instead of a channel.

Both of these are because I want an instant ranged-pull so that ranged pulls don’t have to be so stressful.

Glyph of Growler Smash
Keg Smash now only hits one target.

For those times you don’t actually want to cleave.

Glyph of Resistant Shuffle
Shuffle now reduces all damage over time effects (excluding stagger) by X% but no longer increases your chance to parry.

Brewmasters are fantastic for mitigating almost all types of damage, except sustained magic. This glyph could provide a trade off in the form of losing avoidance in favor of alleviating that weakness.

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Kettle Smash
Keg Smash now throws a tea kettle instead of a beer keg.

I like to imagine that my draenei monk is not a drunkard but actually a specialist at making healing teas and elixirs. So why not have a cosmetic glyph that caters to my internal role play!

Glyph of the Rolling Lotus
Roll now leaves behind a trail of lotus flowers.

Path of Blossoms! That was such a pretty (useless) spell, I’d hate for the resources to go to waste.

Glyph of Celestial Palm
Tiger Palm now aligns itself with your celestial (black for ox stance, green for serpent stance, red for crane stance, blue for tiger stance).

Changing colors!

Any other cool ideas?